Es ist das erste Update seit Dezember 2019 für die Captain Sim 757, aber dafür ein sehr umfangreiches. Neben der Prepar3D v5 Kompatibilität, gibt es eine ganze Reihe an Änderungen, welche die 757 auf das Entwicklungslevel der 767 bringen sollen. Auf seiner Homepage, hat Captain Sim den Changelog veröffentlicht.


VERSION 1.6 (05OCT’20)

Products: Entire 757 family for P3D4/5 and FSX.

New features:
– P3D5 support.
– GlaCS (glass rain effects).
– CRT displays definition and refresh rate settings added to ACE.
– CDU Cargo and PAX configuration.
– Functional oxygen equipment.

– Throttle quadrant shape.
– The FD at TO should give guidance for an 8 degree pitch up. Immediately after TO, it then gives guidance for a speed of V2+15 to V2+25.
– VNAV separated from A/T.
– HOLD altitude below transition level.
– FMC version info page MENU > SETUP > page 2.
– P3D4 Autoland flight resaved.
– Corrupted symbols when load saved flight.
– If I enter my wind data in the FMC in the CRZ, it works first, but from this moment on the displays on the PROG and LEGS RTE DATA page start to spin.
– Utility Buses do not load shed during engine start.
– HSI VECTORS waypoint draw.
– T/C and T/D calculation.
– Fuel flow on current leg calculation.
– Freighter weights.
– EPR switch light should not go off at 80kts.
– OIL TEMP yellow values.
– RR the commanded EPR and actual EPR are not aligned after engine stablized.
– On APU state has flaps at 10.
– Reserve Brakes switch labeling.
– Cabin door opens in flight deck only models.
– The actual fuel fuel is being displayed in pounds while the fuel weight was changed to KG via CDU Menu (KG is correctly displayed on the overhead panel).
– Aircraft vertical speed far exceeds -1250fpm during a cruise descent.
– Engine N2 over speed and HI-STAGE.
– RB211-535E4 idles much higher than the E4B.

– EPR calculation.
– Lights fx.
– Winglet strobe lights position.
– ACE.

Die neuen Installer der Version 1.6, erhaltet ihr in eurem Benutzerkonto im Captain Sim Store oder dort wo ihr die 757 erworben habt.

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