Toliss haben für ihre Umsetzung des Airbus A321 für X-Plane ein weiteres Update veröffentlicht. Damit geht das Addon auf Version 1.1. Zu den Neuheiten gehören besser FMOD-Sounds für diverse Systemsimulationen, ein intelligenteres TCAS-System und vieles mehr. Außerdem haben sich die Entwickler auch mehreren Bugs angenommen. 

Hier die Liste der Änderungen:

Major new features:
– Sound system fully transitioned to FMOD sounds including new sounds such as door opening/closing, electric hydraulic pump, brake fans, and many more
– Joystick command support for TCA Sidestick and Thrust levers
– Addition of the Bottom of Descent and Descent profile intercept indicators
– Added simplified rain effects that also work under Vulkan/Metal
– Complete rework of PFD and ND drawing to improve representation accuracy and drawing performance (time required to draw cut in half on our test platform)
– Complete rework of the RAD NAV page, including custom VOR and NDB reception and decoding routines, appropriate ID vs frequency NavAid tuning and FMGS messages when performing manual ILS overrides.
– Big improvements to the SmartCopilot support: Both sides can brake, sidestick inputs are used simultaneously with Airbus style input priority logic, Popup MCDU is now useable
Minor new features:
– Added Stay-out zone for IAE engine on ground
– Adapted TCAS to new XP11.50 interface – now supporting up to 63 other aircraft
– Adapted TCAS to not issue alerts when flying parallel approaches, e.g. in KSFO
– Fine tuning of engine start timing to better reflect the differences between CFM and IAE engine
– Fine tuning of engine auto ignition logic
– Activation does not required aircraft reload anymore
– Idle factor on MCDU status page can be used to stretch or shrink the descent
– INIT page values CRZ TEMP and TROPO enter into the vertical FMGS predictions
– The pilot can now overwrite the ALTN fuel on the MCDU INIT B page
– Added functionality on OHP maintenance panel, like Blue pump override and FADEC ground power
– Main landing gear compression sounds are now faded in accordance with 3d sound fading option
– Improved flight phase logic for serial traffic circuits with full stop landings in between.
Bug fixes:
– Improved landing gear strut absorber deflections for more realistic ground attitude
– Fixed SD page displayed after landing after engine shutdown – it’s back to DOOR/OXY as it should be
– Reduced time to disarm slides after landing when engines shut down and beacon off.
– Fixed numerous replay issues
– Fixed ISI reset issue on power transients
– Fixed TCAS panel CLR button behaviour
– Fixed cockpit brake pedal animations.
– GPWS does not issue glide slope warning anymore, unless you are on a ILS approach.
– LAND ASAP is now displayed above secondary failures, as it is in real life.
– Fixes to automatic SD page selection logic when ENG mode selector is set to IGN.
– Improvements to the display logics of the MCDU flight plan page.
– Corrected load assignments between generators to avoid generating power out of nothing.
– 3d cockpit model fixes
– Display of minima in the FMA now starts at 250NM from destination even when in phase cruise
– Improved Glide Slope tracking performance
– Improved GPWS mode 2 performance to reduce occurance of false warnings
– Fixed behaviour of FIX INFO page when two radials are entered and the first radial is cleared
– When copying the active FPLN into the SEC FPLN, the SEC FPLN page is now called automatically
– In DES phase, when extending flaps or slats, the managed speed target remains unaffected now, as it should
– When moving the thrust levers into reverse prior to touch down, the associated ECAM warning now self-clears upon touch-down
– Speed target in GA phase reduced to Green dot (rather than 250kts/CI speed)
– During TO, in SRS mode, the magenta bug now remains on the V2 mark, but the AP controls pitch to achieve a speed between V2+10 and V2+20 when all engines are operating
– KEDW is now available as an airport again.
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