Leonardo hat für die Maddog eine neue Open-Beta-Version veröffentlicht, welche entgegen den vorherigen Updates nur kleinere Bugfixes enthält. Voraussetzung ist, dass ihr bereits die letzte Stable 1.7b753 Version oder höher installiert habt, was bei den meisten der Fall sein dürfte. Das Update ist für P3DV4 und P3DV5 erhältlich. Denkt daran zur Sicherheit eure Liveries und die Aircraft Daten zu sichern.

Bugs reported in previous 2.0b778 or above and fixed:



– Fixed a CTD when clicking on the 2D EFB window in an aircraft not EFB equipped;
– CMA900: (ARR page) the first listed transition could not be selected in some cases;
– CMA900: (LEGS and PROGRESS page) wrong calculations of ETAs;
– FMS: under certain conditions, the FMS ECON speed was below min clean speed;
– Reordered the 2D windows shortcuts (SHIFT+X keycombo);
– Right clicking on the INT/PA button for the GSX menu doesn’t also select the audio source anymore;
– Fixed issue when manually entering weights in EFB;
– Fixed incorrect weights for MD-88 variant;
– PMS: fixed issues with step-climb;
– PMS: fixed issues when descending in OPT/NON OPT below profile;


– Fixed crash when using the built-in route planner;
– Fixed CTD when syncing with the simulator;
– If FS2Crew is installed and the panel.cfg manually edited, the load manager won’t overwrite it anymore.

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