Nach dem A300 und dem Beluga haben iniBuilds heute den A310 für X-Plane 11 veröffentlicht. Der mit neuen Features ausgestattete Langstreckenjet ist ab sofort im Webshop der Briten zu haben. In den letzten Tagen und Wochen hatte iniBuilds bereits mehrere Previews, Liveries und das Paintkit veröffentlicht.

Den A310 gibt es für circa 70 Pfund im Webshop der Entwickler, für 45 Pfund bekommen A300-Kunden das Add-On. Folgende Features versprechen die Designer:

  • Unique behavioural characteristics of the A310 simulated throughout each system for the most immersive experience with many improvements to ECAMs and overall system improvements from the A300
  • SIDs, STARs, SEC flight plan, custom VNAV & LNAV (brand new NAV system reviewed and improved from A300) including the new additions of step climbs/descents
  • Detailed custom FMS designed to replicate an on the line experience using A310 data
  • In-sim printer functionality for key information from CDPLC operation
  • Random engine indicator values upon load to provide immersive experience simulating difference in age, and wear and tear between engines
  • Additions to fuel system, including the addition of 2 ACT tanks, allowing for long haul operation. Brand new trim tank and CG calculation logic for CGCC system
  • Custom EFB using real A310 takeoff speeds and weights with optimization allowing wider ranges of flaps and slats settings on given runway lengths
  • Extensively tuned flight model to capture A310 characteristics including accurate performance; landing and takeoff behaviour with custom ground effect simulation. This uses the X-Plane 11 experimental flight model developed using the latest generation technology
  • 4K, PBR texturing in both the exterior and interior of the aircraft coupled with high-resolution, pixel-perfect cockpit displays
  • Accurate, toned night lighting inside and out
  • Accurate rendition of General Electric GE CF6-80C2A8 and Pratt & Whitney PW4158 variant engine behavior
  • The initial release includes three high quality, variants of Passenger, Freighter and ACJ (Private Business Interior configuration). In August 2021, the Medevac and MRTT variants will be available as a free update for A310 customers
  • Animated trimmable horizontal stabilizer
  • Several cockpit enhancements and changed from the A300, such as standby compass
  • True to life, legible decals inside and out of the aircraft
  • Emergency exit slides modelled along with door arming logic
  • Progress of flight information screens in cabin
  • Detailed, performance-friendly passenger cabin, with ability to disable for additional performance
  • True-to-life, legible, ultra HD decals inside and out with region-specific text on official iniBuilds liveries
  • Custom FMOD sounds for General Electric GE CF6 engines and PW 4158, including immersive sound recordings from the real
  • Improved iniGroundHandling Set for all A310 variants with additional vehicles
  • Feature-rich onboard Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
  • Built-in panel state capabilities along with autosave
  • Custom stalling behaviour including aerodynamic buffet
  • Brand new dynamic engine windmilling effect
  • VR Config by SimVRLabs (TBC/In Development)
  • Comprehensive radar modes including weather and terrain radars
  • Extensive user settings options
  • Active Sky for XP compatibility
  • Built-in panel state capabilities along with autosave
  • In-flight passenger announcements with various languages depending on livery configuration

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