727 RealDeal Edition

Dear Sim Community,

After two years of Sim-News and many thousands of lines about the most beautiful hobby in the world, the time has come: We enter a new field!

We are happy to announce the cruiselevel 727 RealDeal Edition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We have created a team of excellent artists and programmers to bring you the 727 in an unprecedented simulation to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Over 200,000 pages of documentation, long sessions with seven 727 real-world  pilots and techteam members plus several simulator sessions in South America went into the development of this high-fidelity add-on. To bring you a study-level version of the famous 727 to MSFS.

Join us on the journey as we push the limits of our hobby even further.


Main features:

  • Family Feud: Flie all variants of the 727! Each variant comes with its own W&B model, load manager including Simbrief integration and visual effects:
    727-100 (727-100C, 727-100QC, 727-100QF)
    727-200 (727-200Advanced, 727-200F, Super 27)
  •  CrewConnectMode: Fly with a virtual crew with exclusive voice-overs from the cruiselevel editorial team. Choose Pilot, Pilot Monitoring or Flight Engineer as your seat. You can trigger actions or checklists for the interaction with the virtual crew via voice.
  • EFB: Navigraph-Integration, Load- und Crewmanagement, GSX-Integration and exclusive CFO-Access (Cruiselevel Flight Operations)
  • (S)CrewYouMode: You master all stations in the cockpit alone and enjoy the full immersion of the 727.
  • Fail&Fun: A sophisticated failure system reacts to airline and location: Flying cargo in South America? Have the QRH (we give you one) ready! Legacy carrier in the USA? Chill! Create your own configs for virtual airlines etc…
  • RafiMode: Learn the 727 in beginner mode. Failures, realism and system depth are switched off for quick after-work flights.
  • TommiTells: Detailed in-game tutorials with voice over explain all systems.
  • Tobimat: For those of you who love flying turnarounds. Save panel states and load the next flight the same way you left the previous one.

General systems:

  • Full system simulation of all 727 systems including electronics, hydraulics, pressurization systems, engines (including various thrust ratings), icing systems and much more …
  • Vintage Navigation via CIVA INS including Simbrief-Uplink
  • Marconi CMA900 Simulation
  • KLN90 GPS (released later)
  • VNAV
  • Wingflex
  • Sophisticated fluid and element simulation
  • Approx. 150,000 lines of code, WASM-optimized and Xbox-ready

3D model

  • high-quality Blender model with over 16 million nodes
  • virtual cabin with custom sounds
  • High quality paintkit for GIMP and Photoshop
  • Customizable decals
  • Dynamic Registry via MSFS-menu
  • Air pressure simulation and flat tires
  • Glowing brakes
  • complex night lighting
  • Full PBR

Flight dynamics:

  • Experience from real pilots and several sim sessions, adjusted to the flight dynamics of the MSFS
  • Accurate fuel flow for every flight phase and every 727 variant
  • Correct braking behavior depending on ground conditions
  • Correct powerback behavior
  • tax turn behavior according to aircraft variant and size


  • Detailed 727 cockpit with full implementation of the F/E station
  • Airline-Configs (create your own/share/download)
  • 2794 individual Soundfiles for max immersion
  • Wear&Tear: Switch mechanisms wear out, light bulbs can burn out
  • Custom-Views
  • VR-Optimization
  • Voice-Commands: Conrol the Crew with your voice
  • Easter Eggs


Transparency is important to us! Therefore, you can check here the progress of the cruiselevel 727 RealDeal Edition. While the systems are already far, we are currently designing textures and all 3D models. Check back tomorrow for an update on the current status. There will never be another 727 like the cruiselevel 727 RealDeal Edition!

Modelling 72%
Texturing 58%
Sounds 36%
Systems 49%
Flightmodel 13%
Lights and Effects 17%

Pre-order now

With your pre-order, you will receive the complete product as described above upon completion. For the moment, you can support the development team with valuable tips. So that the 727 RealDeal Edition becomes your personal 727!

Your Feedback

You still have something on your mind or have noticed something that absolutely has to be added to the feature list? Then you can also reach us directly here!