Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Wie versprochen arbeitet Eagle Dynamics weiter an der Darstellung der neuen Wettereffekte. Im aktuellen Newsletter zeigt man dies am Beispiel einer vernebelten Gebirgskette. Außerdem gab es in dieser Woche ein Open Beta Update, das zahlreiche fixes und neue Features für die „Hornet“ geliefert hat. Zudem können nun sechs neue Bodeneinheiten, darunter auch der „Leopard“ Kampfpanzer, in Missionen integriert werden.

Der komplette Changelog:

  • Type 052B: fixed SA-N-12 not intercepting AShM
  • Type 052B: fixed SA-N-12 interception range for AShM
  • C802AK: adjusted autopilot params
  • HQ-7 STR: fixed potential CTD in MP
  • Missiles. Minor adjustments to the RСS of some missiles.
  • Rockets. Sound corrected.
  • AIM-120. Chaff bug – changed chaff/slow moving targets filtering logic, introduced ground clutter model, missile notching now depends on target/clutter signals ratio, range of blind velocities depends on geometry of intersection of seeker beam and ground.
  • AIM-120 fixed ECM blinking issue
  • AIM-120 fixed missing / improper RWR indication if missile launched in visual mode (maddog launch)
  • AIM-7. New ground clutter model also applied to all AIM-7 family missiles.
  • AIM-7F/M. Loft trajectory is disabled by default (F-15C).
  • Several fixes on A2A missiles desync in multiplayer
  • R-27R, R-27ER will not go for the chaff if radar lock is lost.
  • JDAM – fixed error in bomb onboard pathfinding algorithm, which may lead to strange maneuvers at terminal phase of flight and miss.
  • DCS Manual Updates – Options.
  • ME. If an uncontrolled group gets a ‚follow‘ command before starting, they will never obey the ’start‘ command later, and just get deactivated – fixed.
  • Aircraft AI. Aircraft sent to AAR will continue to fill up even if re-join is called during AAR – fixed.
  • Aircraft AI. AI Calls Bandits, then refuses to engage – fixed.
  • Effects. Updated smoke presets.
  • Fixed WRADIO error during landing of DDR, Argentina and Lebanon aircraft.
  • Time from mission start instead of absolute time in debriefing – fixed.
  • Ships AI. Ships unable to reach max speed – fixed.
  • AGM-65. CIWS can not destroy Mavericks because AGM-65 lacks DM – fixed.
  • Log book not recording day time / night time correctly – fixed.
  • ME. Player controlled ‚civil plane‘ can be armed in-game – fixed.
  • Aircraft AI. If a player sets an attacking aircraft to intercept an aircraft parked on the ramp, and the attacker is heavy enough, it will dive at a rate it cannot pull out of – fixed.
  • BetAB-500ShP and BetAB-500 anti-runway bombs. Reduced chute drag and dispersing by wind, adjusted rocket plume position. Damage effect against concrete structures has been increased.
  • ME. Yak-52 preview for solo/non-solo flight is wrong – fixed.
  • Bunkers get destroyed without smoke – fixed
  • Su-34 payload presets. Replaced Kh-25 missiles with Kh-29L/T and Kh-31P missiles.
  • Aircraft AI. Canopy visibility geometry corrected. Now MiG-15 doesn’t see the enemy on his six, allowing for silent attack.
  • L-39C. Added DDR skins.
  • SAM AI. SAMs do not engage fast aircraft weapons – fixed.
  • Triggers. OnEventEject event no longer works for Warbirds but does for jets – fixed.
  • MP. DCS version number added in servers window.
  • BLACK Screen early morning flights, seem to be around 05:13 – 05:15 – fixed.
  • The button End mission doesn’t work if a map object was destroyed – fixed.
  • SH-60B. Added to the list of Australian units.
  • ME. Corrected some new weapon icons into the payload panel.
  • Aircraft AI. In the case when an active missile is launched in the TWS mode, AI aircraft will begin evasive maneuver only after the missile seeker is turned active.
  • Fixed CTD on the Tomahawk launch.

DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Fixed: DMT slew using keys not stopping.
  • Fixed: DMT camera drift after recovering from gimbal lock
  • Fixed: Pilot falling through carrier deck after ejection
  • Added: Bullseye Position can be modified using the EHSD/DATA page.

DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Fixed: VTB Waypoints wrong placement
  • Added: SA2 and SA3 RWR symbols
  • Added: RWR codes kneeboard sheet

DCS MiG-19P by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Fixed: Corrected incorrect lift coefficient with respect to angle of attack
  • Fixed: Minor correction to reference CG to align with correct static margin from documentation
  • Fixed: Minor correction to better match expected turn performance

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed: broken FCS Autopilot ATT
  • Fixed: WMD7 level was reset when switching between CCD/IR (WH and BH)
  • Fixed: HSD top left should display waypoint bearing information
  • Fixed: collision damage when immortal
  • Updated: CM802AKG seeker with IR image only
  • Adjusted: take-off landing roll pitching moment
  • Adjusted: DEEC control law

DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • Multicrew WIP continuation:
    • Fuel used display is now correctly synchronized when entering the second seat after a time delay.
    • Removed delays in ARC-164 frequency and mode knobs synchronization.
    • Finished ARC-164 synchronization (C-101EB).
    • Implemented ARN-127 synchronization (C-101EB).
    • Flight controls are correctly animated now in the aircraft external 3D model when the Combined Controls mode is enabled.
    • Implemented TACAN AN/ARN-118 synchronization (C-101EB).
    • Fixed accuracy of HSI course deviation numerical display shown on the other seat.
    • Fixed minor problems in the lighting system synchronization.
    • Removed delay for several switches animation synchronization.
    • Made canopy ejection lever animation synchronized in multicrew. It can now be seen from another cockpit.
    • Implemented Weapons Control System synchronization (C-101CC).
    • Fixed V/UHF radio V/TVU-740 synchronization (C-101CC).
    • Fixed decision height synchronization (C-101CC).
    • Finished VHF-20B and VIR-31A/DME-40 synchronization (C-101CC).
    • Added synchronization of generator test switch.
    • Implemented synchronization of C-101CC Flight Director.
    • Added ADF (ADF-60) synchronization.
    • C-101EB Flight Director transfers now commanded altitude correctly.
    • C-101EB Flight Director panel lights test function works now in the rear cockpit.
    • Added C-101CC radar altimeter switch synchronization.
    • Gyro platform control panel is now synchronized (C-101CC).
    • AHRS control panel switches in C-101EB are transferred now as clickable switches (not just as flags).
  • Fixed FD and IFF circuit breakers animation in C-101CC. They were interfering with trim position indicator animation.
  • Updated ES localization.
  • Fixed round shapes of several C-101EB and C-101CC instruments.
  • Fix to avoid the altimeter needle spinning at mission start (WIP).
  • Added Throttle Idle Detent – Idle/Stop (2 pos switch) to C-101EB and C-101CC joystick inputs. This makes it possible to bind off-idle throttle detent in HOTAS Warthog and similar peripherals or to bind it to any two positions switch.
  • Fixed Glide Slope index animation in rear cockpit ADI of the C-101CC.
  • Fixed texture of B (for bombs) amber indication in the Mode Selected Indicator (CANCEL) of the SCAR Display Unit of C-101CC rear cockpit.
  • Added grey texture to control stick base when it is hidden.
  • Fixed C-101EB marks of vertical speed indicator.
  • Fuel flow reset is a pull and release knob, therefore fixed C-101EB input, so that now key or joystick binding will pull the knob when pressing the corresponding key or button (front and rear cockpit).
  • Adjusted initial position of C-101CC gyro platform control panel switches: magnetic variation and hemisphere selection switches.
  • Fixed ADI DH and GA lights in the C-101CC rear cockpit.
  • Radar altimeter is now ON by default at hot start (C-101CC).

DCS P-47D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Main fuel tank capacity increased to 270 US gal
  • Fixes to in-cockpit animations

DCS Bf 109K-4 by Eagle Dynamics

  • minor tune to the oxygen gauge

DCS Spitfire LF Mk.IX by Eagle Dynamics

  • new ammunition belt variants

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added AGM-84 H SLAM-ER
  • Added Raid assessment (RAID)
    • Situation awareness mode (SAM)
    • One-look RAID
  • Added New smaller flares
  • Added Offset waypoints
  • Added Control Stick Steering (CSS) Mode
  • Added Remaining options for HOTAS
    • A/A Radar
      • Surface
      • TWS EXP
      • Mode
      • Azimuth Scan Centering
      • Change azimuth using cursor on tactical regions left and right
      • Mode
    • A/G Radar
      • Mode
      • Freeze
      • EXP1, EXP2, EXP3
      • Pen/Fan
      • Silent
      • Range
      • Air
      • Active
    • A/G EXP
      • FAST
    • RDR Data
      • Age
    • TDC
      • Azimuth on Radar Attack
      • Range on SA
      • Auto/man TWS option
      • PRF and Reset
    • Event Marker
      • On/Off SA EXP
    • Sensor control switch depress then right
      • CIT manual interrogation
  • TDC cursor added for AG EXP mode
  • Changed logic lock/shoot lines on SA page
    • Segmented and solid line logic between flight members and donors should be the same.
    • If a flight member of donor has a sensor lock (radar or TGP) on a target, the line should be segmented.
    • If a flight member or donor has launched a weapon at a locked target, the line becomes solid.
  • Cursor stow position after option selection – Fixed
  • FPS Hit in Syria when switching to AA / FLIR – Fixed
  • TDC not slewing and Stuck top left – Fixed
  • Can not cage the velocity vector in AUTO bombing – Fixed
  • Autopilot HDG mode does not maintain pitch attitude – Fixed
  • BALT hold does not hold altitude during bank angle changes – Fixed
  • Engaging BALT in dive will break wings – Fixed
  • Current waypoint on FPAS page doesn’t change when it changes on SA page – Fixed
  • Unless ILS is turned on, the ILS push button option should not appear on the HSI – Fixed
  • Incorrect weight calculation in CHECKLIST page – Fixed
  • Off-Board contacts should show Mach and Altitude on hover – Fixed
  • HUD L&S friend cue: update position – Fixed
  • ACM page active options – Fixed
  • SA TACAN heading/range showing incorrect data – Fixed
  • CCIP Line moves on fall line when changing between feet and meters – Fixed
  • Inner wing damage shows flame in mid air and wingtip missiles remain – Fixed
  • TDC should not be displayed on any page (RDR/SA/etc) if TDC priority is not assigned to it – Fixed
  • Check pilot face and helmet for older liveries – Fixed
  • HSI scale and the DMS – Fixed
  • Radar is capable of locking small missiles – Fixed
  • Segmented diamond symbol in HUD/JHMCS always has TDC assignment dot inside it – Fixed
  • After HUD or JHMCS designation, AGR is not enabled until SCS up is re-commanded – Fixed
  • EXP should not be usable below 5nm – Fixed
  • B-sweep line in EXP mode – Fixed
  • Bar/azimuth selection via cursor in TWS – Fixed
  • Scan RAID Mode recentres scan area in certain circumstances – Fixed
  • Line in mirror depending on light angle – Fixed
  • Laser not counting down in JHMCS – Fixed
  • CBU-99 are bursting 1.2s after falling below 1,500′ AGL – Fixed
  • When switching to HACQ/LHACQ, radar track files are never deleted – Fixed
  • Acq point cue is displayed when L&S exists or when there’s a TUC – Fixed
  • GMT RADAR seems to lock static ground targets when used with FLIR – Fixed
  • HAFU Height should be rounded with no decimal – Fixed
  • TDC continues to control radar azimuth and elevation after uncaged WACQ has been exited – Fixed
  • VACQ does not detect target head on – Fixed
  • AA radar: tuned ECM behavior
  • Jammering tracks on SA has target speed and altitude indication – Fixed
  • SA sensor sublevel FRIEND option doesn’t work anymore – Fixed
  • DL16 donor target disappears if the target jams you:SURV tracks showing when jamming – Fixed
  • AA Radar: with large memory time value after jam target burn in „brick“ will stay on jammer line on radar page in preset time – Fixed
  • SEA RADAR not seeing Handy wind ship – Fixed
  • SEA radar can detect submerge units – Fixed
  • GBU-24 has different mass – Fixed
  • Flame rotation seems unnatural – Fixed
  • TACAN table: MVAR input not working on Syria – Fixed
  • Changing scan azimuth while in SPOT breaks radar limits after exiting – Fixed
  • When try set AACQ on contact under TDC with L&S contact AACQ switch on L&S contact – Fixed
  • A2A RADAR – Select SIL – JAM and AUTO are in conflict – Fixed
  • Loud distant sound from behind on the runway in high wind weather – Fixed
  • Error after Spotlight exiting – Fixed
  • Radar and az/el pages show L&S true heading instead of magnetic heading – Fixed
  • Amphibious vehicles can not be seen on SEA RADAR – Fixed
  • Rearming JSOW is already aligned – Fixed
  • HARM PLBK indication not shown on JHMCS – Fixed
  • HARM and MAV can be fired at the same time – Fixed
  • VFR Training covered with clouds – Fixed
  • Undesignate selects TWS AUTO from TWS MAN – Fixed
  • Some hornet missions have Chinese text – Fixed
  • Pylon 5 x2 bombs create overlap on safe text – Fixed
  • Complete AIM-7 with LAR symbols, HOJ mode, FLOOD mode, and LOFT option
  • TDC jumps to DDI center in TWS mode when SIL turned ON and OFF – Fixed
  • Coordinates on UFC stuck together when doing PP
  • The weapon release blink for CCIP and ASL should be longer duration and include the release cue and CCIP aiming cross – Fixed
  • Flashlight battery off unable to adjust brightness – Fixed
  • Target Diamond should occlude the fall line – Fixed
  • HSI Sequence line behaves strange sometimes – Fixed
  • Currently the GBU-24 for the Hornet is using the payload image for the GBU-10 – Fixed
  • HARM Seeking Target After Jettison – Fixed
  • The description is M151-HE, but the actual ammunition fired is MK5-HEAT – Fixed
  • Typo in input commands – Fixed
  • CPL TCN + SLAM create conflict in HUD – Fixed
  • GMT reverts to 90 degree sweep when cycled away – Fixed
  • GMT with INTL boxed unable to adjust GAIN – Fixed
  • JDAM TOF – Fixed
  • Litening
    • TDC Diamond not showing on second try with TDC Depress – Fixed
    • Maximum zoom – corrected to 3.5x
    • AA mode can not slew diagonally – Fixed
    • Ground designation by HMD or WPDSG results in unslewable INR mode – Fixed
    • Waypoint markers – added
    • AA mode cross on autotrack indication – Fixed
    • North arrow symbology – added new compass symbol
    • Pressing OSBs in SETUP sub-menu the corresponding main page option – Fixed
    • Grey scale when switching modes – Fixed
    • Position stabilized symbology can shift when view is not aligned with symbol – Fixed
    • Default A/A mode – fixed
  • Coupled mode
    • When switching from WPT to TCN or SEQ# in coupled A/P mode, indication still WYPT – Fixed
    • CPL bank limits – NAV 30-degree limit, TAC 60-degree limit – Roll 10 – 30 degrees per second – Fixed
    • Changing coupled steering mode (Changing coupled steering mode – suggested change, first uncouple, then change steering mode)
    • Coupled autopilot symbiology doesn’t disappear after A/P overriding – Fixed
    • Autopilot makes unexpected roll after disengage coupled mode – Fixed
    • Missing SEQ number – Fixed
    • OVFLY when using AUTO / CPL – Fixed
    • AUTO in CPLD mode should not change selected waypoint – Fixed
    • After enabling coupled autopilot SEQ# mode, symbology is WYPT – Fixed

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Sometimes Hang when strange A2A weapons load and dogfight switch -Fixed
  • Countermeasures quantity do not match – Fixed
  • Bullseye, showing on the HUD, is true north not magnetic north – Fixed
  • CCRP HUD symbols doesn’t move at times on Cold Start – Fixed
  • Releases A2A missile while in A2G mode – Fixed
  • CCIP Time delay CUE in HUD does not work first time – Fixed
  • Missile sounds louder from outer pylons – Fixed
  • No English text in CCRP training mission – Fixed
  • Steerpoint distance issue in EOM or PB mode – Fixed
  • Typo in loadout menu – Fixed
  • AI and Player aircraft sound different on the ground – Fixed
  • Problem with cougar mfds losing inputs – Fixed

DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics

  • LSO give EG grade when pilot does not pull back throttle

DCS: Black Shark 2 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Corrected 3D model of B-8V20 rockets block.
  • Operation Medvedev II Campaign. Corrected unit positions and set new clouds presets. Mission 2: the flight trajectory of the Mi-8 has been improved.

Flaming Cliffs 3 by Eagle Dynamics

  • J-11A default warning sound changed to Chinese voiceover.

DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added PT-76
  • Added АА-7,2-60 FireFighter – Ural 4332
  • Added ATZ-5 – Ural 4320
  • Added Diesel power station 5i57A
  • Added VAB Mephisto
  • Added Chieftain Mk.3
  • Added naval La Combattante II (with Harpoon missile)
  • Added Leopard 2A5
  • Added Leopard 2A6M (replaced Leopard-2)
  • Added Leopard 2A4
  • Added Leopard 2A4TR (Turkey)
  • Added ship Seawise Giant
  • Added SPH T-155 Fırtına
  • Replaced MLRS BM-21 Grad (replaced old model)


DCS: F-16C Red Flag 21-1 Campaign by Bunyap Campaigns:

  • Updated weather to use new cloud presets.

The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600:

  • Mission 1 and 16. Bugfix.

The Border Campaign by Armen Murazyan:

  • Mission 13. Fixed wingman behavior.

DCS: A-10C Operation Persian Freedom Campaign by Ground Pounder Sims:

  • Campaign weather updated to new presets.
  • Player readme updated with missing credit.
  • Mission 2: Updated wingman behaviour to prevent wrong target being attacked.
  • Mission 3: Updated trigger to prevent a bug due to vehicle pathfinding changes.
  • Mission 6: Modified trigger to stop event on RTB activating early.
  • Mission 11: Removed floodlight causing issue with Chinook landing at Lavan.
  • Mission 16: Added missing frequency to kneeboard.

DCS: A-10C II The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 03: Updated cloud layers and altitude for better experience
  • Mission 06: Updated cloud layers and altitude for better experience
  • Mission 14: Updated weather and fog for better FPS. Fixed issue with mission stuck after main target was destroyed.
  • Mission 18: Fixed issue with Colt not engaging targets when called via F10 menu.

DCS: A-10C The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 03 – updated cloud layers and altitude for better experience
  • Mission 06 – updated cloud layers and altitude for better experience
  • Mission 14 – updated weather and fog for better FPS – fixed issue with mission stuck after main target was destroyed.
  • Mission 18 – fixed issue with Colt not engaging targets when called via F10 menu.

M2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 6 – Fixed issue with Reaper 02 refusing to taxi

DCS: F/A-18C Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 2: Fixed problem with Smoke never stops refuelling. Smoke moves to Marshal earlier instead of following player to the boat. Updated skin for Texaco
  • Mission 4: Updated wrong freq for Al Dhafra.
  • Mission 9: Added extra instructions about taxi order at mission start.
  • Mission 0: Updated AAA barrage effects.

Combined Arms: Frontlines Georgia Campaign:

  • Added CN localization.

UH-1H Worlds Apart – Spring 2025 Campaign by Low-Level-Heaven Mission Development:

  • Mission 6: Adopted to DCS World 2.7. Skip Mission function added. F-10 Map in time Marker added. New Voiceovers for better Mission guidance.
  • Mission 7: Adopted to DCS World 2.7.
  • Mission 8: Adopted to DCS World 2.7, Skip Mission function added. F-10 Map in time Marker added.⁠
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