Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Bei Asobo Studios und Microsoft ist Dienstag Update-Tag. So hat der Microsoft Flight Simulator jetzt ein neues Update bekommen. Mit Release unterstützt der Sim ab sofort auch Virtual-Reality-Technologie. Dabei werden alle OpenXR-kopatiblen HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) unterstützt. Passend zur Jahreszeit bietet dieses Update auch diverse Winter-Features, so stellen meteoblue mit ihrer Wetter-Engine passendes Eis- und Schneewetter bereit. Außerdem wurde der Sim an vielen Stellen weiter gefixt, wie das Changelog verrät (siehe unten). Das Update wird wie immer beim Start des Sims installiert – wie bereits veröffentliche Add-Ons von Drittanbietern mit dem Update klarkommen, ist noch nicht bekannt.

Das Changelog:


  • Virtual Reality is now available to all users as a free update for all OpenXR-compliant headsets! Visit the VR options menu in-game to enable the feature.
  • Two new training missions will help you take off and land with the Airbus A320neo.
  • Live Weather is enhanced with Meteo blue data to include snow and ice coverage.
  • Spotlight Event now features an Airbus A320neo Landing Challenge. See how well you do after training!
  • Sam and Rufus liveries for the Aviat Pitts Special S2S
  • Aviators club livery for all 30 planes available in the Marketplace for free!
  • Test pilot livery for all 30 planes will be granted to all Alpha and Beta testers!


  • Fixed an issue where standard animations on air traffic planes could crash the game.
  • ATC memory footprint has been optimized


  • Fix choosing closed runway on the World map
  • Fix ATC pronouncing airport name letter by letter
  • Fix ATC giving wrong altitude if first approach waypoint has no altitude descriptor


  • New Content manager menu
  • Reactivity” and “Extremity dead zone” parameters have been added to the device sensitivity screen
  • Copilot is no longer turned on through different play sessions
  • Visual help has been added to highlight instruments during tutorials
  • You can now map buttons / switches numbered higher than 30 using the Search option in the Input box
  • Scroll is now available for camera toolbar panel
  • In Controls Options, the profile description of a newly plugged peripheral is now displayed
  • Performance in the marketplace has been improved
  • Various accessibility issues have been fixed
  • Fixed VFR map becoming transparent when resizing


  • Ground SFX improvements on Textron aircrafts
  • Kinematic sounds improvements on aerobatic planes
  • Added seatbelt & no smoking chimes in airliners
  • Bug fix and polish on instruments, buttons and flight control SFX
  • Fixed no audio heard when aircraft flies over Outer marker beacon


  • Fixed flickering clouds for some specific GPUs
  • Fixed sun flare flickering on certain occasions OR in certain situations
  • Reduced density of lights on secondary roads in the countryside
  • Fixed taxi ribbon displayed inside the cockpit


All aircraft shared fixes and improvements

  • Plane models update and optimization
  • Fixing avionics / FMS validating next waypoint too early when flying
  • Fixed several aircraft going back to departure airport when approach is activated on G1000
  • Tweaked ground effect
  • Planes can land and roll on ice
  • Fixed warnings and alerts not resetting when instruments reboot
  • Fixed monitor a frequency in COM 2
  • Copilot behavior has been improved

General Aviation fixes and improvements

  • Fixed various plane oscillation and overshoot AP related issues
  • Fixed station ID visible on Garmin displays despite being not received by aircraft
  • Fixed issue in Garmin avionics preventing to fly a “direct to” after deleting the current flight plan
  • Aviat Pitts Special S2S: fixed turn coordinator not working correctly
  • Cessna Citation CJ4: fixed issues with displays not updating or freezing in certain situations
  • Cessna Citation CJ4: fixed right engine ITT red line badly placed
  • Cessna Citation CJ4: fixed missing last leg of a flight plan when finishing at a point of interest
  • Cessna Citation CJ4: fixed aircraft not intercepting and tracking VOR when NAV mode is engaged
  • Cessna Citation CJ4: fixed impossibility to turn yaw damper on
  • Cessna Citation Longitude: fixed incorrect fuel tank capacity
  • Cessna Citation Longitude: tweaked thrust settings
  • Cessna Citation Longitude: fixed aircraft empty weight and center lift
  • Tweaked fuel flow and ITT for Cessna Citation CJ4 and Longitude
  • Zlin Savage Cub: fixed too high oil pressure
  • Zlin Shock Ultra: fixed leading-edge slats incorrectly linked to flaps
  • Zlin Savage cub: fixed copilot not pulling the choke lever during starting engine procedure
  • Flight Design CTLS: fixed issue preventing validation of checklist step during starting engine procedure
  • Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: fixed issue making the plane banking to the right when enabling AP
  • Daher TBM 930: fixed inconsistency between overspeed stripe on PFD and backup display
  • Beechcraft Bonanza G36: tweaked performances
  • Beechcraft Bonanza G36: tweaked manifold efficiency
  • Fixed spoilers too low deflection for Cessna Citation CJ4 and Pipistrel Virus SW121
  • Diamond DV20: drag and power adjustment
  • Extra 330LT: tweaked handling

Airliners shared fixes and improvements

  • Fixed radio frequencies not updating when changing them via the ATC window
  • Fixed old path not disappearing when changing flight plan in a direct-to situation
  • Improved radar altitude value refresh rate
  • Fixed waypoints sometimes appearing twice on PFD or navigation displays
  • Fixed duplicate waypoints in FMC / MCDU
  • Fixed various presentation and flow issues in FMC / MCDU
  • Fixed various graphic glitches in cockpit
  • Added various missing labels and stickers in cockpits
  • Fixed various cockpit model graphic details
  • Fixed various cockpit backlight issues
  • Fixed various issues related to the FMA
  • Fixed autopilot oscillations in certain conditions
  • Fixed multiple “direct to” issues
  • Fixed incorrect speed trend vector behavior
  • Fixed various tooltips issues
  • Fixed various issues with Mach management

Boeing airliners

  • Fixed various flow issues when navigating in FMC
  • Fixed yoke obstructing view depending on selected camera
  • Added FMC “PROG” page
  • Fixed seat belt sign switches not working (manual mode only)
  • Fixed radio / minimums / MDA selector not working
  • Fixed delta pressure on EICAS incorrectly displayed
  • Fixed missing altitude target markers on altitude tape when set above or below visible range
  • Fixed autobrake selector jumping to the most left or right positions when changing the setting quickly
  • Fixed LNAV ignoring arrival part of the flight plan in certain conditions
  • Fixed audio landing gear GPWS alert not being played when needed
  • Fixed discrepancies between world map flight plan and FMC/MCDU flight plan

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental

  • Fixed limit markers on N1 gauges
  • Fixed missing ILS frequency set when starting a flight on arrival
  • Removed dashes displayed in the N2 value field when engines are not started
  • Fixed OAT indication in FMC perf INIT page
  • Fixed missing trim numeric value displayed on EICAS
  • Fixed wrong knob controlling FMC brightness
  • Fixed current Mach and target Mach values on speed tape not matching
  • Fixed IAS/MACH speed window on MCP remaining displayed when VNAV mode is engaged
  • Fixed various issues with landing gear model
  • Fixed missing EGT red start limit on EICAS
  • Fixed N2 green bar missing on EICAS during start sequence
  • Fixed incorrect start mode indications on EICAS during start sequence
  • Fixed incorrect stabilizer trim green band placement on EICAS
  • Fixed incorrect spoilers deploying during turns
  • Fixing issues with the plane flying above the glideslope in certain conditions
  • Fixed incorrect climb rate after take-off with VNAV enabled
  • Fixed too high fuel consumption
  • Fixed AP incorrectly tracking knots instead of Mach after Mach switch
  • Fixed missing command N1 indicator bar on EICAS
  • Fixed backup baro knob not switching to standard altitude when pressed
  • Fixed missing heater switch on copilot side
  • Fixed N1 slight oscillations
  • Fixed max rudder values to 10 instead of 35
  • Fixed compass model not matching reality
  • Fixed EEC switches incorrect default state
  • Fixed plane leveling off too early before reaching target altitude
  • Fixed flaps and slats deployment and retraction logics
  • Fixed switching to descent phase too early and corresponding managed speeds
  • Fixed Gross Weight field in FMC PERF INIT page
  • Fixed impossibility to set Zero Fuel Weight and reserve values in FMC PERF INIT page
  • Tweaked fuel flow when throttle is adjusted
  • Increased suspensions viscosity

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

  • Removed info incorrectly displayed when engines are not started
  • Fixed HUD horizon line not aligning with real horizon
  • Fixed APU fault light behavior issues
  • Fixed center tank fuel not going to lateral tanks when conditions are met
  • Fixed spoiler lever incorrect default state
  • Fixed AT button incorrectly lit by default
  • Fixed transition speed after take-off
  • Fixed TOGA mode engaging issue
  • Fixed altitude target possibility to be set to negative values
  • Fixed color and lighting issues on the HUD
  • Fixed various autothrottle issues
  • Fixed missing dividing lines on displays
  • Fixed missing magenta highlight on previous and next page FMC buttons
  • Fixed EXEC button not lighting up when needed
  • Fixed master warning and master caution buttons labeling
  • Fixed wind speed arrow color on ND
  • Fixed vertical speed color not changing according to current value
  • Fixed local time displayed in FMC instead of UTC time
  • Fixed missing wind arrow on PFD
  • Removed red chevrons on the FMC pitch ladder
  • Fixed wind wrongly reported on displays while on ground
  • Fixed airspeed box not highlighted in amber according to current airspeed
  • Fixed AP incorrectly switching to LOC/FAC mode after capturing glideslope
  • Fixed display format issues when pressing L / R switches
  • Fixed VSD button not marked as INOP
  • Fixed issues with cursor selection on navigation display
  • Fixed flaps that can be incorrectly extended above FL200
  • Fixed autobrake possibility to be set on RTO while airborne
  • Fixed MCP windows going dark in certain conditions during flight
  • Fixed incorrect fuel tank quantities
  • Fixed heading target line on ND frozen when heading hold mode is active
  • Fixed crossfeed valve open by default
  • Fixed issue preventing to change Zero Fuel Weight value in FMC
  • Fixed flickering shadows in certain conditions
  • Fixed aircraft overshooting speed target with VNAV enabled
  • Fixed climb rate too high after take-off with VNAV enabled
  • Fixed auto brake remaining active despite manual braking applied
  • Fixed impossibility to move throttle levers when engines are not running
  • Fixed missing or badly placed screws on various panels
  • Fixed fire panel switches bad default state
  • Fixing bulk switch bad default state
  • Fixed discrepancies between overhead panel switches states and lights
  • Fixed missing VS/FPA not displayed in MCP corresponding window
  • Fixed flaps speed marker issues
  • Fixed compass slightly not aligned with current heading
  • Fixed missing MIC field on PFD
  • Missing mismatch between PFD and MFD wind indications
  • Fixed arrows displayed instead of diamonds on localizer and glideslope scales
  • Fixed descent phase activation issue and corresponding managed speeds
  • Fixed incorrect target speeds during initial climb
  • Fixed too small font size on MCP displays
  • Fixed active VHF frequency on PFD

Airbus A320Neo

  • Holding MCDU clear button now deletes entire scratchpad line
  • Fixed predicted time in MCDU
  • Seat belt and no smoking sign selectors now working in manual mode
  • Improved MCDU display logic for cost index page in INIT page
  • Approach altitude transition field is now automatically filled up regarding the destination airport
  • Fixed THR RED / ACC indications in MCDU Init section
  • Fixed “NO TRANS”, “NO STAR”, “NO VIAS” not displayed correctly
  • Fixed constraint on navigation display blinking in certain conditions
  • Fixed waypoints marking incorrect colors on navigation display
  • Fixed wrong transponder code set by default when starting a flight
  • Fixed issues with Alpha and stall speeds
  • Tweaked FLX power settings
  • Improved flight director behavior
  • Fixed missing heading target value on navigation display and PFD
  • Fixed aircraft not flying green dot speed, F speed or S speed when conditions are met
  • Fixed spoilers too low max deflection
  • Fixed FMA AP mode colors
  • Fixed heading bug remaining displayed despite FCU heading window being empty
  • Fixed autobrake LOW decel lights always activated whatever the selected autobrake level
  • Fixed MCDU frozen after multiple flight plan changes
  • Fixed slats indication not aligned with dot on ECAM
  • Fixed issues with spoilers incorrectly deploying / retracting after landing
  • Fixed climb incorrectly resuming on its own instead of remaining to current flight level after leveling off
  • Fixed unrealistic parking brake selector animation
  • Fixed incorrect N1 value in cruise
  • Fixed rudder trim “R” font issue on pedestal display
  • Fixed spoiler surfaces not correctly aligned
  • Fixed engine starters default incorrect positions when spawning on the runway
  • Fixed MCDU not switching to DES phase when it should
  • Fixed managed target speed issues with flaps out
  • FIXED ETA not being updated in MCDU
  • Fixed SRS mode incorrect target speed
  • Fixed intermediate altitude constraints not showing on PFD
  • Fixed incorrect course shown in MCDU RAD/NAV page for LOC/ILS
  • Fixed constraints decimal issues on navigation display
  • Fixed issue with unlimited fuel assistance preventing aircraft shutdown
  • Fixed fuel crossfeed valve switch default states
  • Fixed radio screens going black when camera is close from pedestal
  • Fixed approach speeds
  • Fixed fly by wire error causing insufficient pitching during turns
  • Tweaked thrust performance and fuel consumption
  • Fixed ECAM too small font size
  • Fixed V1 marker on speed tape
  • Fixed various autothrottle issues


  • Aircraft can crash when landing on frozen water. You can activate the No crash mode in the dev mode menu to avoid crashes in this situation.
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