Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Letzte Woche ist die nächste Open-Beta-Phase für den Microsoft Flight Simulator eingeläutet worden. Im Fokus steht dabei diesmal das nächste Aircraft und Avionics Update (AAU2), das sich diesmal primär um die Systeme der 747 und 787 kümmert. Heute ist für AAU2 ein weiteres Update erschienen.

Hier das Changelog zum neuesten Open-Beta-Update:

General Bug Fixes

  • Added button to GPU driver requirement for not showing it again
  • Updated GPU crash message to display more information
  • Fixed a bug where having too many installed Marketplace content would result in the game being stuck on the “Checking for Updates” screen
  • Fixed a bug where having too many content in the Community folder would prevent the Content Manager from loading
  • AP: The autopilot/flight director HDG mode now only reverses turn direction if the selected heading is turned past 330 degrees away from the airplane’s current heading (G3000/5000, GNS, G1000, WT21)
  • FMS: Improved the behavior of turn anticipation calculation around AF/RF legs whose start and end points are slightly offset from the arc (G3000/5000, GNS, G1000, WT21, Boeings)

Glass Cockpits

Garmin G3000 / G5000

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes re-opening a GTC popup using the Back button would cause elements below it to not be correctly hidden or darkened
  • Fixed a bug where the VNAV profile was not displaying time to TOD when still in the departure segment even if the airplane has reached cruise altitude and sequenced all climb constraints
  • Reduced the delay of TAWS touchdown callouts when using radio altitude

G1000 Nxi

  • Added support for third-party developers to provide global plugins for the NXi
  • Extended MFD rotary knob menu to allow customization by plugin
  • Fixed B key not syncing barometer to actual pressure
  • Fixed MFD rotary knob menu not working

Garmin GNS430W / GNS530W

  • Added confirmation dialog for Activate Leg flight plan menu item
  • Added support for double direct-to on an existing waypoint to acivate the leg
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the 430 to not load correctly when hot-swapped in from being inactive
  • Fixed some page navigation issues where the right knob push would not close dialogs* Fixed bug causing time zone offset to always be treated as positive

KAP 140

  • Corrected an issue in the default KAP140 template that caused the 100s’ knob animation to be applied to both the 100s’ knob, and the 1000s’


Boeing 787-10 / Boeing 747-8i

Added Functionality

  • Added extensive in-game checklists for both planes which are mostly autocompleteable
  • CDU: New SETTINGS page accessible from the INDEX page for persistent user settings
  • ND: Now supports HDG up mode, can be enabled on the MENU > SETTINGS CDU page
  • ND: ND components fail when data is invalid (IRS not aligned)
  • ND: DSPL/CONTRAST inner knob to adjust the brightness of the WXR/TERR layer of the ND map
  • CDU: Modifying V speed inputs after at least one V speed has been entered will reset them and display a TAKEOFF SPEEDS DELETED alert
  • CDU: The V speed fields will now blank two minutes after takeoff
  • FMC: Added DES DIR and DES NOW from the FMC or MCP altitude intervention
  • EICAS: Implemented the calculated stab trim green zone to reflect calculated stab trim from FMC
  • COCKPIT: Enabled the AIR DATA source selector knobs
  • IRS: Added TIME TO ALIGN message to ND
  • IRS: Added IRU ALIGN MODE CAS memo
  • SYSTEMS: Added Speedbrakes custom logic (rejected takeoff, arm, reversers, auto down behavior)
  • SYSTEMS: Added an option to configure IRS alignment times
  • [747] OVHD: Implemented model behaviors for the EMER LIGHTS guard and switch
  • [787] Flaps: Load relief function
  • [787] Flaps: Auto-gap function
  • [787] SYNOPTICS: Added AIR page, implemented air conditioning sim
  • [787] SETTINGS: Added setting for changing your SELCAL

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • PFD: The altimeter is now replaced by a failure flag when altitude data are unavailable
  • PFD: Visual fixes where items could be cut off or not aligned correctly
  • PFD: Adjusted VNAV speed band logic to give a tighter band and consider MMO
  • PFD: The landing reference setting (QNH/QFE) selected in the APPROACH REF page is now correctly reflected in the PFD baro display
  • PFD: Activating baro STD mode now only resets the landing reference setting to QNH while in FMS climb phase
  • PFD/HUD: The PFD baro display now only displays the preselected baro setting in STD mode if it has been manually changed after activating STD
  • PFD: Fixed various issues with the airspeed indicator flap maneuver speed bugs, including not showing/hiding correctly after crossing 20000 feet
  • PFD: Elapsed timer now won’t start at a random high value when spawning in the air
  • CHECKLISTS: Removed some incorrect items from the in avionics checklists
  • ND: PLAN format ownship icon rotation fixed to be heading up again
  • CAS: Fixed numerous issues with engine related alert inhibit states
  • CAS: Added the ‘AUTOPILOT DISC’ and ‘AUTOTHROT DISC’ messages
  • CAS: Fixed TERRAIN and SPEEDBRAKE false positives
  • CDU: Added messaging when CRZ ALT is above maximum performance altitude
  • CDU: Fix PPOS hold in MOD plan causing exit of HOLD page
  • CDU: Improved visuals of DEP/ARR pages and fixed logic bug with picking approach transitions
  • CDU: Flight phase now initializes correctly when spawning in-flight and handles more edge cases in general
  • CDU: Fix PROG and VNAV pages showing midnight as 24XXz
  • CDU: Drag and Thrust Required messages now only appear when VNAV is active
  • CDU: Fixed a bug where the POS INIT page on the right CDU did not allow you to set IRS position
  • CDU: Speeds should now always be readable and writable on the CRZ and DES pages
  • CDU: Fix the STEP function on the LEGS page not working in some circumstances
  • CDU: The SPD TRANS field on the CLB page now defaults to 250/10000
  • CDU: Fix formatting of the WIND field on TAKEOFF REF
  • FMS: Fixed constraints disappearing from last SID leg after connecting to existing enroute
  • FMS: Takeoff gross weight now takes precedence over gross weight when calculating V speeds
  • COCKPIT: Fixed incorrect emissive state and tooltips for the MCP LOC and APP buttons
  • COCKPIT: General improvements on control states and emissives
  • AP: General tuning and improvements to various areas
  • AP: Implemented a new flare law and adjusted thrust idle logic to improve autoland performance
  • AP: Fixed the behavior of the autopilot engage and disengage and the autothrottle disconnect switches
  • AP: The autopilot/flight director HDG mode now only reverses turn direction if the selected heading is turned past the airplane’s current heading in the direction of the turn reversal
  • AP: Improved the behavior of turn anticipation calculation around AF/RF legs whose start and end points are slightly offset from the arc
  • AP: Fixed edge case in which altitude capture increased the climb/descend rate rather reducing it
  • AP: Fix Flight Director logic when TO/GA is pressed with FDs off
  • AP: Fixed issue causing AUTO_THROTTLE_ARM key event to not work
  • AP: Fix wrong altitude capture behavior when preselected and VNAV target altitude are the same
  • VNAV: Improved behavior of VNAV when transitioning between paths with different flight path angles during the descent
  • VNAV: Improve overly aggressive pitch down in VNAV PTH when path changes to be far below the aircraft
  • VNAV: Fixed various path computation errors that could occur after changing the active flight plan
  • VNAV: Fixed a bug where sometimes zero fuel flow was simulated during the geometric descent
  • VNAV: Various improvements to the path calculation when executing direct-to
  • AT: Reduced the sensitivity of the autothrottle to sudden changes in airspeed
  • SYSTEMS: Autobrake no longer disarms RTO when applying manual brakes
  • SOUND: GPWS altitude callouts should not be delayed anymore
  • SOUND: Added warning sounds and beeper aural when master cautions are alerted
  • CAMERAS: Tweaked instrument camera positions and rotations for better views
  • Increased the brightness of landing and taxi lights
  • [747] PFD: Removed the trend vector from the PFD altimeter
  • [747] Taxi lights are now disabled when in the air
  • [747] SYSTEMS: The electrical system now won’t allow using the EXT and APU on the same side at the same time
  • [747] SYSTEMS: The electrical synoptics will now separate sides if no power crossfeed is necessary
  • [747] SOUND: Overspeed and stick shaker sounds should now be audible
  • [747] CAS: Added hydraulics and electrical alerts
  • [787] ND: Fixed ETA and altitude flight plan labels being positioned incorrectly on Xbox
  • [787] MFD: EICAS Flaps and secondary engine indicators should retain their visibility states after side swap
  • [787] MFD: Fixed some button and EICAS switch behaviors not defaulting to ND pane
  • [787] HUD: The altimeter and vertical speed readouts are now replaced by failure flags when altitude data are unavailable
  • [787] HUD: Decluttered symbology is now inhibited when TOGA is the active pitch mode
  • [787] COCKPIT: Fixed the push/pull animation of the HUD brightness knobs
  • [787] COCKPIT: Fixed the tooltips of the HUD symbology buttons
  • [787] COCKPIT: Fixed auto flashlight behavior when starting cold and dark
  • [787] COCKPIT: AP disconnect button on the first officer side yoke now works
  • [787] COCKPIT: Implemented elevator trim switches on the yokes and alternate trim switch on the pedestal
  • [787] COCKPIT: Fix DRIVE lights illuminated when master brightness is on
  • [787] COCKPIT: FO side CANC/RCL button is fixed
  • [787] COCKPIT: Fixed RST minimums button
  • [787] SYNOPTICS: Adjusted fuel balancing layout to reflect the real aircraft better
  • [787] FBW: FBW is now bypassed when AI PILOTING is active
  • [787] FBW: Added ground to in-flight transition smoothing to address unusual behavior on takeoff
  • [787] FBW: Fixed issue where behavior could be unusual when auto-rudder assistance is on
  • [787] FBW: Fixed issue where flight controls would return to center slowly or be stuck while on the ground
  • [787] EICAS: Fixed bug fuel gauge center tank quantity warning was showing under incorrect conditions
  • [787] SYSTEMS: Fixed a bug where the fuel scavenging remained on even after center tanks were emptied
  • [787] SYSTEMS: EXT PWR will now turn off (to AVAIL) if any generator starts powering the AC bus
  • [787] SYSTEMS: Correct sequencing during flaps retraction
  • [787] SYSTEMS: Fixed an issue where fuel pump fail states are not indicated correctly
  • [787] SYSTEMS: Fixed a bug where IRS could begin alignment before the plane was powered on

Cessna Citation Longitude

  • The PFD roll indicator is now rendered using the correct “sky pointer” configuration
  • Fixed a bug where the copilot PFD had the incorrect split pane orientation with the Enhanced package
  • Reduced the sensitivity of the autothrottle to sudden changes in airspeed


New Presets

  • Added following presets for Yawman Arrow :

    • Yawman Arrow (General Aviation)
    • Yawman Arrow (Jets)
    • Yawman Arrow (Helicopters)

Various Peripheral Fixes

  • All device with a joystick can now control the cursor



  • Fixed crash when requesting some airplane-specific SimVars on helicopters

Aircraft Editor

  • Removed max engine count
  • Fix Helo-Turbine engine type not selectable when aircraft type is helicopter
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