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Vier Monate lang mussten Prepar3D-Simmer auf das Prepar3D-Update warten. Nun ist es soweit. Lockheed Martin hat jetzt Version 5.1 des Prepar3D veröffentlicht. Damit erscheinen mehrere Änderungen, unter anderem ist True Sky (Enhanced Atmospherics) nun nicht mehr in der BETA-Phase.

Erhältlich ist die neue Version in eurem LM-Benutzerkonto. Volle Neuinstallationen sind bei Versionsupdates ratsam, aber nicht notwendig. Hier das volle Changelog in der Übersicht:

Prepar3D Client

General Platform Updates


  • Enhanced Atmospherics is now enabled by default and no longer in beta.
  • Gauges and panels as well as scenario object content can be built using HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Multiplayer host can now run in headless mode disabling any rendering on the host machine.
  • Added auto exposure to HDR and the ability to disable if desired.


  • Sky and cloud PBR reflections now supported in Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Improved Enhanced Atmospherics performance, rendering smoothness, and interpolation.
  • Improved Enhanced Atmospherics lighting and shadows.
  • Enhanced Atmospherics now supports sensor views.
  • Enhanced Atmospherics now supports precipitation in multiple views.
  • Added VolumetricClouds.cfg to control various Enhanced Atmospherics cloud parameters.
  • Fixed issue preventing cloud heights from matching UI settings with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Fixed issue causing rain to appear inside the cockpit when using Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Fixed issues with transparent object and effect blending with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Top down views now support Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Fixed crashes found when removing .AIR file as well as aero and engine related entries from helicopter CFG file.
  • Multiplayer observer role can now be selected through command line.
  • Resolution of Varjo headsets can now be changed in settings.
  • Fixed issue preventing waypoint complete actions from firing.
  • SimDirector property descriptions no longer cause UI content to resize when selecting different items.
  • View groups now support single-pass rendering mode to increase performance.
  • Improved VR performance with Varjo headsets.
  • Failures can now be triggered on player and entity objects.
  • Fixed several issues that could potentially lead to Kernelbase.dll exceptions.
  • Fixed shutdown crash issue leading to a program freeze in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where shared cockpit clients would not receive updates from multiplayer server in some cases.
  • Monitoring properties now shows list of current vehicle failures.
  • Added portal visualization mode, emulated pass-through camera, and support for tracking-only mode in OpenVR.
  • Added ability to load in custom models to be used as portals.
  • Various improvements to mixed reality portal usability including creation at tracked controller location and cycling origin modes via tracked controller.
  • Fixed OpenVR issues with pass through cameras causing jitter and VRAM usage spikes in some cases.
  • Waypoint lists can now be assigned to the ownship updating the GPS system and not controlling the vehicle.
  • Various improvements to SimDirector UI improving usability on small screens and touch-enabled devices including button to collapse all property windows and icon size options.
  • Fixed visual artifacts seen in taxiway sign geometry.
  • Fixed issue preventing GroundVehicleAI from serializing correctly.
  • Multiplayer scenarios can now start paused if specified in scenario fxml and host pausing is enabled.
  • Fixed issue causing striped patterns in autogen in some cases.
  • SetGaugeVariableActions can now be set on player objects.
  • Map can now be viewed while simulation is running in multiplayer and when in the ATC tower.
  • Radio system now simulates at a higher rate.
  • Fixed bug where freezing vehicle position during recording would cause positional issues during playback.
  • Improved road traffic performance.
  • Fixed issue where bad altitude values would be calculated when launching from a carrier.
  • Fixed issue where slewing on a carrier deck would sometimes result in a crash.
  • Replaced Scaleform ATC window, SimConnect window, and menu prompt window with HTML5.
  • Custom instance-based properties are now supported by the recording system.
  • Improved HDR appearance.
  • Fixed issue that would cause DialogActions to incorrectly fire more than once in some cases.
  • Improved smoothness for player objects in multiplayer.
  • Fixed issue causing jitter on player objects and AI when flying close formation.
  • Added additional control over distant object appearance through advanced configuration settings.
  • HDR is now always active when using Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Fixed issue causing AI states to change incorrectly when flying over platforms.
  • Fixed issue causing user object textures to reload when not needed in some cases.
  • Added option for human-readable recording file format.


  • Multiple SimOperators can now join and control the same multiplayer session.
  • Fixed issue where SimOperator would spawn an ownship vehicle for the host in unstructured scenarios.
  • Fixed issue where aircraft title could be overwritten in SimOperator unstructured scenarios.
  • Monitoring properties on player objects is now available in SimOperator.
  • Fixed issue where gun system trigger would not disengage when attacker behavior was deactivated.
  • Fixed issue where SimOperator would overwrite multiplayer host settings with options that were currently disabled.
  • Fixed issue where AI behaviors would incorrectly reactivate in some cases.
  • Fixed issue preventing DIS packets from being received in some cases.
  • Added unicast support to DIS.
  • Fixed crash that could occur on shutdown when running SimOperator through command line.
  • Fixed DIS issue where articulated part value would be placed into the wrong PDU field.
  • Fixed issue where DIS aircraft would not process canopy state.
  • Fixed issue preventing mouse rect clicks from working on AI objects.
  • Fixed issue preventing view changes from occurring properly in VR single pass in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where PlayFlightRecordingAction would interfere with the user’s FlightSegment playback.

Prepar3D Content


  • Added F-35A and F-16C mixed reality variants.


  • Various fixes to F-35C improving carrier launch/landing including fixed launch assist and tailhook attachpoints and improvements to wheel contact points.
  • Improved crash detection on aircraft carriers.
  • Fixed issue preventing F-16 panels from syncing in Multichannel in some cases.

Prepar3D Scenery


  • Updates to various city areas including Shanghai, Beijing, Detroit, and San Diego with improved bridge/building placements and custom model fixes.
  • Updated various airport parking and building data at several locations including LFPO, LEMD, EKCH, FAOR, LPPT, KATL, KSNA, KPSP, KTUL, KLHQ, KLCK, KCMH, 7TS3, KSUS, CYDL, LOWW, KBDL, KSWF, KBAF, KPOU, ZSSS, PATK, and HAAB.
  • Fixed minor positional issues with aircraft carrier routes.

Prepar3D SDK


  • Panels can now be created using HTML5.
  • The ATC, Menu System, and InfoGen support third-party skinning through the HTML5 SDK
  • Added PDK RecordingService and RecordAndPlaybackPlugin sample.
  • Added human readable recording format.
  • Added PDK functions to control object draw distance and pixel size overrides.


  • Shared cockpit can now be requested during session.
  • An active single player session can now be triggered to host a multiplayer session.
  • Updates to PDK model placement including flags to let models render in the VC, to disable collision, and to disable object movement.
  • Traffic toolbox now shows ETA and ETD for ships and ferries.
  • Updated several rendering samples in the SDK.
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3 Jahre zuvor

Ein kleiner Nachtrag, wie die Addon-Anbieter das 5.1-Update angehen:

  • FSLabs: hat bereits ein Update veröffentlicht und macht alle drei Airbus für 5.1 kompatibel
  • Active Sky: Bei diesem Update müssen sich Userinnen und User von Active Sky in Geduld üben. Hifi Sim möchte erst einen weiteren Fix von LM abwarten, bevor sie Active Sky auf 5.1 anpassen.
  • FFTF Dynamic: Auch hier fehlt noch das Update für die neue P3D-Version
  • ChasePlane: Hier ist das Update bereits verfügbar.
  • PMDG: Auch wenn hier noch kein offizielles Update ausgerollt wurde gibt es User, die von einer problemlosen Nutzung der PMDG-Produkte in P3D5.1 berichten.
  • Aerosoft: Hier gibt es noch kein Statement, alle Flugzeuge scheinen aber zu funktionieren.
Thomas Stemmer
Thomas Stemmer
3 Jahre zuvor

Tja, wie hieß es in einer der Simulantenpodcasts? LM nennt keine Termine, sondern arbeiten im Hintergrund … und dann ist plötzlich und ohne Vorwarnung das Update/Release da….

Müsste Folge 4 gewesen sein? Aber ja: jetzt warten wir nur noch auf die Addon Anbieter, damit AS, FSLab und Co die 5.1 auch unterstützen …

3 Jahre zuvor

Bin mir jetzt nicht sicher, da bei mir momentan der Download noch läuft.

Aber wenn ich mir das Changelog so anschaue, dann müssten die Flieger eigentlich laufen…

3 Jahre zuvor
Antwort auf  TiAr

FSLabs und Active Sky beschweren sich wegen falscher Version, also doch erstmal abwarten

3 Jahre zuvor
Antwort auf  TiAr

Bei mir ist er durch , es läuft alles außer HifiSim und Simstarter.
Und auch alles performant.

3 Jahre zuvor

Hab den 5.1 wieder deinstalliert. Er scheint Probleme mit gewissen Effecten und/oder Objekten zu haben. hatte bei bestimmten Airports Abstürze. Vorher nicht. Aus den Triebwerken der AI-Flieger kamen weiße Quadrate.
Ich denke mal, dass nicht nur die gängigen Addons eine Anpassung brauchen, sondern auch Effecte etc.
Die Performance ist wirklich besser, aber die EA sehen auch nicht anders aus wie vorher…

Könnte dich auch interessieren:

Kurz war die FSExpo in Gefahr, doch dann wurde eine neue Location in Las Vegas gefunden. Damit steht auch die Planung des mehrtägigen Events. Die FSA hat jetzt veröffentlicht, was es auf der FSExpo zu Erleben gibt - auf und neben dem Event.
Keine Woche mehr, dann erscheint das Tauranga Region Paket von NZA für den MSFS. Die zur Pro Line Produktreihe gehörende Sammlung besteht aus drei Flughäfen und einen Heliport, wobei der Tauranga Airport das Zentrum bildet. Tauranga Region wird bei NZA direkt, bei Orbx und im MSFS Marketplace erhältlich sein.
Die JustFlight BAe 146 zählt für Retro Flieger zu den besten Addons im Microsoft Flight Simulator. Der Flieger hat letzte Woche ein umfangreiches Update erhalten, welches wir uns mal genauer anschauen wollen.