Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Das Passagier- und Crew-Add-on Self-Loading Cargo hat ein großes Update bekommen. Nach mehr als einem Jahr Entwicklungszeit steht Version 1.6 jetzt zum Download bereit. Das Changelog umfasst dabei viele Neuerungen, unter anderem Voice Control für Kabinen- und Bodeninteraktion:

  • Brand new toolbar + windowed user interface
    • Primary communication button allowing interaction without any other data showing for minimal interference with the simulator window
    • New Toolbar interface to enable instant access to all secondary features (aircraft layout, cabin management, narration window etc)
    • Significantly overhauled Aircraft Cabin window to allow viewing Passenger Manifest, Aircraft Layout, Passenger Statistics + Interaction information
    • Autocue window to assist with voice interaction
    • Overhauled flight progress window to show flight state and passenger notifications at your discretion.
    • Dedicated Narration window to assist deaf community in keeping abreast of what is going on with the application in lieu of being able to hear the communications
    • Primary communications are optionally narrated to assist with relevant responses
    • Support for non-English voicepacks (narration will show language used if available)
  • Optional Voice Control for Ground Crew / Cabin Crew / Passenger Interaction and User Interface manipulation
    • Natural Language contextual voice recognition with optional autocue to assist in making announcements.
    • Fully customisable scripts via *.txt files
    • Support for English (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Australia), French, German, Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional), and Spanish recognition.
  • Significantly overhauled Pilot voicepack
    • Voice control as well as button and automated support.
    • English, American Voice Packs (complete)
    • French, German & Spanish Voice Packs (available for voice commands, but audio files to follow due to API limits)
    • Over 300 individual audio events with over 5,000 sounds per voice pack
    • Fully customisable voice scripts via *.txt files
  • Significantly overhauled Cabin Crew voicepack
    • Voicepacks available include American, English, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish
    • Support for dual-language for passenger announcements (ie. English then French)
    • Significantly improved two-way interactions between captain and cabin crew via intercom system
    • Support for multi-phase announcements based on what is happening in the aircraft (i.e. if drinks are being served shortly after takeoff they will be announced during the climb announcement – if they are not, they won’t be mentioned)
    • Over 200 individual audio events with over 4,000 sounds per voice pack
    • Announce destination name, temperature, etc after landing at over 600 major airports.
    • Cabin Crew to Pilot Interactions (drink requests, welfare checks, status updates etc)
    • Support for pre-recorded airline announcements (before takeoff / after takeoff / before landing / after landing) such as those performed by EasyJet / RyanAir, or dynamic versions from the cabin crew if unavailable.
    • Text-based accessibility/narration window for deaf community to assist in the usage of the comms + events system (so they can see what is being said in lieu of being able to hear it)
    • Automatic volume regulation based on whether the announcement is being made over the intercom, or into the cabin via the PA system – no more need for a “-muffled” flag on sound files.
  • Ground Crew Communications
    • Regional accents for American, Australia, Austrian, Canadian, Dutch, French, German, Irish, New Zealand, Norwegian, Spanish, UK (English) Ground Crew at both departure + arrival airports
    • Over 1900 individual sounds included, with over 60 individual ground events
    • Generic interactions for APU startup, engine startup (including Hotel mode support), fuel loading, passenger boarding etc as detected from aircraft state.
    • Pushback System (via aircraft EFB or SLC using voice, button or built-in automation)
    • Support for single-engine taxi after pushback
    • SimBrief Weights Integration For more accurate loading times
  • Multi-stage Passenger + Cabin Crew Announcements
    • Voice, Button or Automation supported
    • Dynamically generated based on your flight (i.e. can include things like airline flight number, destination, cruise altitude etc)
    • Multiple choice options for certain announcement sections (i.e “the weather will be good”, “the weather is expected to be severe” etc.
    • Integrated scoring and accuracy system for flight report
  • Independant/Syncronised Door Management Simulation
    • Door states can now be Closed (Armed), Closed (Disarmed) and Open
    • Ability to disconnect doors from simulator in case of compatibility issues (with MSFS specifically!)
    • MSFS Jetway support
    • Updates the context of voice / button announcements based on which mode is currently in use.
  • Overhauled Pilot Scoring and Passenger Satisfaction System
    • Rebuilt passenger satisfaction and pilot scoring system to monitor not only aircraft handling, but punctuality, communication + communication accuracy.
    • Passengers now have real-time scoring, as well as their overall flight experience scoring (which is used to calculate their individual satisfaction with the flight and subsequently the overall flight rating when every passenger is taken into account). This is based on: “Punctuality”, “Communications Accuracy”, “In-Flight Service Provision”, “Cabin Crew Interactions”, “Flight Comfort”, “Personal Experience”.
    • Pilot Scoring is now based on your capabilities at flying the aircraft safely, your punctuality, whether you made communications as required (and how accurate you were when making them), as well as how well you landed the aircraft.
    • Flight Reports have been redesigned and overhauled for better user experience and more informative structure.
  • Rebuilt Cabin Management and In-Flight Services system
    • New scheduling system to control when services are provided to passengers
    • Support for hot drinks, hot food, alcohol, duty free and in-flight movie
    • WIFI System with 3 modes (Air to Ground, KU and KA Satellite based systems), real-time bandwidth monitor, passenger usage determination and weather attenuation simulation.
    • Intelligence from cabin crew to bring services forward based on passenger needs, and/or communications regarding descent with the captain
    • Ability to manage cabin overhead and emergency lights
    • Ability to manage aircraft toilets
    • Rebuilt boarding music system with automation or manual support and automatic detection of crew announcements to reduce the volume
    • Regionalised passenger names for a more authentic experience when viewing passenger information
    • Simulated (skippable) passenger Check-In / Boarding before boarding starts
  • Extended cabin crew visualisations
    • Arming/Disarming Doors
    • Locking/Unlocking Toilets
    • Welcoming passenger onboard, saying goodbye during deboarding
    • Living Cabin with Automatic passenger requests, or capability to interact directly with individual passengers from the UI into the cabin simulation (Request drink etc)
    • Passenger interactivity via “dong” requests on the passenger overhead, including narrated conversations so that you can see what is occuring when they’re talking to the cabin crew
    • Ability to view conversations between crew + passengers viewable based on their interactions throughout the flight (displayed in the aircraft layout UI when a passenger is selected)
  • Performance and Compatibility Fixes
    • MSFS door compatiblity issues no longer a factor
    • External (free!) LUAScript (SLCSeatbeltsXP) to bring seatbelt switch compatiblity to most X-Plane aircraft addons
    • Support for Metric altitude setting in your simulator (i.e. EU and China)
    • Better handling of X-Plane Zulu time shenanigans (including warnings and recommendations)
    • Better FSUIPC communication handling
    • Pause detection
    • Sim-Rate detection
    • Better support for Toliss aircraft N1 issue at startup and Cold+Dark detection overall.
    • Support for non-standard N1 values from simulator (0-100 instead of 0-16353) where required
    • Significantly improved application performance, memory management and no more progressively worse performance as the flight goes on.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Discord Rich-Text Integration to show your realtime flight data to your friends on Discord.
    • Data Export for numerous parameters (altitude, flight phase etc) and optional Stream Overlay Support
    • Online Cabin Layout Online Distribution System (via My Account) to allow sharing of layouts (simply upload then turn on your layout on the website to have it appear in SLC)
    • User Manual is now online with full documentation included for voicepacks (including context scripts)
    • Technical Support system for customers is now on the website.
    • No more installation required – can simply run from a folder.


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8 Monate zuvor

Ich bin von dem Entwickler von SLC enttäuscht.

Es gab mindestens 2 Termine u. A. Der 14.02.22 an dem die Version 1.6 kommen sollte.

Es passierte nichts außer das der Discord gelöscht wurde, so dass keiner mehr Fragen konnte.

Fand ich eine sehr schlechte Informationspolitik.

8 Monate zuvor
Antwort auf  Squawk7000

Ich meine vor dem Schließen des Discords gelesen zu haben, dass er gesundheitlich schwer mit PostCovid Sachen zu kämpfen hatte. Das mit dem Discord hab ich aber nicht verstanden, wobei er ihn ja nicht gelöscht hat, nur schreiben kann halt keiner mehr 😀

8 Monate zuvor
Antwort auf  Squawk7000

Wirkt für mich nach einer “One-Man-Show”. Von daher volles Verständnis für jeden der von Discord Abstand nimmt. Das ist ja ein vogelwilder und gefühlt narrenfreier Raum wo sich Leute in einer Art und Weise aufführen, dass ich es leid bin da noch reinzuschauen.

8 Monate zuvor

Das ist schön zu lesen, dachte schon das Projekt wäre Tod. Habe es sehr lange und gerne benutzt und werde es mir in den kommenden Tagen sicher anschauen.

8 Monate zuvor

Ist das ganze denn irgendwie gelinked zu dem Flieger den ich fliege? Wenn ich also im Fenix die Seat Belts aktiviere passiert dann auch was in SLC? Ist GSX integration möglich?

8 Monate zuvor
Antwort auf  Sennah

Zu der ersten Frage: Ja, ist es! Läuft nämlich mit FSUIPC/XPUIPC. Sealtbelts funktionieren im MSFS einwandfrei. Für XP braucht man ein (kostenloses) Plugin wie im Artikel beschrieben. Gleiches gilt für Lichter etc.

Zum Thema GSX: Ich bin gerade noch etwas am rumexperimentieren. Also refueling erkennt er auf jeden Fall. Mit der genauen Beladung noch nicht ganz. Kann aber auch ein bedienfehler sein oder es kommt noch. Allerdings wartet GSX mit der “übergabe des Loadsheets”(also dem beenden des Boardings) bis GSX fertig geboardet hat.

8 Monate zuvor
Antwort auf  Stairdancer


8 Monate zuvor

Sind in der Version 1.6 noch richtige Soundfiles die man austauschen kann oder alles nur noch Computerstimme? Wäre schade da ich so auch gerne damals mein FS Passengers aufgemöbelt habe.

omsyndrom Wolfi
omsyndrom Wolfi
8 Monate zuvor
Antwort auf  Thomas

man kann auch soundpacks einfügen

omsyndrom Wolfi
omsyndrom Wolfi
8 Monate zuvor

so ist es wirklich gut zu spielen! Aber der Tür Sound auf/zu hört man öfters! Weiss nicht woran das liegt aber war beim Flug immer wieder zu hören!

Könnte dich auch interessieren:

Grashalme auf dem Vorfeld, Pianosounds im Terminal: Jo Erlend ist bekannt für die Detailliebe, die der Szenerie-Entwickler in seine Produkte steckt. Jetzt ist mit Oslo (ENGM) Jo Erlends Heimat-Airport für den Microsoft Flight Simulator erschienen.
Pünktlich zu Cross-the-Pond-Event, das am kommenden Wochenende auf VATSIM stattfindet, hat Horizon den 787-9 Mod verbessert und mit CDPLC ausgestattet. Damit könnte ihr über Hoppie ACARS mit den Lotsen kommunizieren und Freigaben einholen.
Produktpflege auch beim klassischen Bus: Die Fenix A320 hat ein umfangreiches Update erhalten. Der neue Download verbessert nicht nur die Systeme, er ermöglicht auch eine bessere Hardware-Anbindung dank LVars. Für Repainter steht mit dem Update ein bisschen Arbeit an.