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Folgend auf das Update für den A321 hat ToLiss jetzt auch den A319 mit einem Update versehen. Neben einer längeren Liste von Bugfixes, kann die Airbus-Simulation in Version 1.5.2 jetzt auch Gewichte und Temperaturen in Imperial Units darstellen. Das Update gibt es wie immer durch einen Re-Download im jeweiligen Webshop wie zum Beispiel X-Plane.org.

Hier die Liste der Verbesserungen:
– Option to use imperial units for FMGS, weights and cabin temperatures
– Complete rework of engine failure handling: ECAM actions and speed target rework, beta target added
Minor new features:
– Improved lateral control laws for better handling during engine failures
– Added injected faults to the situation save.
– Complete rework for the managed speed computation for a given CI during the climb phase
– Retuning of the fuel burn for the existing engine types (IAE + CFM)
– Rework of the EWD for better accuracy of the representation
– Livery specific configuration items can now be done via a livery configuration file
– Added support for approaches with MA route points between the MAP and the runway, like e.g. LOWI RNP-Y for Rwy 08
– Oil quantity now decreases when the engine is running and increases when engine is stopped and all the oil accumulates in the sump.
– Crew oxygen is now consumed if you breath through the oxygen mask.
– Aircraft registration is now in a separate object (selcal.obj) with separate texture to easily adapt the registration to custom liveries
– Added Minimum and 100 above callouts for MDA minima
– FMGS can now compute predictions across discontinuities
Bug fixes:
– Improved Glide Slope tracking performance
– Fixed an issue on XP10 that could disable LNAV tracking
– Improved GPWS mode 2 performance to reduce occurance of false warnings
– Fixed behaviour of FIX INFO page when two radials are entered and the first radial is cleared
– When copying the active FPLN into the SEC FPLN, the SEC FPLN page is now called automatically
– The ILS frequency is no longer deleted when entering the GA phase
– In DES phase, when extending flaps or slats, the managed speed target remains unaffected now, as it should
– When moving the thrust levers into reverse prior to touch down, the associated ECAM warning now self-clears upon touch-down
– Speed target in GA phase reduced to Green dot (rather than 250kts/CI speed)
– During TO, in SRS mode, the magenta bug now remains on the V2 mark, but the AP controls pitch to achieve a speed between V2+10 and V2+20 when all engines are operating
– KEDW is now available as an airport again.
– Fixed issue with disappearing LOC indication when flying the LOC backcourse
– Fixed issues with Minimum callouts when they did not coincide with Radio altitude callouts
– Fixed issue with inconsistent runway naming between procedures and scenery
– Improved smart copilot synchronization of the MCDUs
– Fixed a bug leading to x-plane freeze when changing runway after a go around (under certain conditions)
– Hydraulic brake accumulator pressure does not change anymore when changing from yellow supply to accumulator supply without changing amount of braking
– Fixed an issue with alternate flight plan loading if alternate plan is in “fms” format.
– Cabin chime queue is fixed so that no chimes are lost anymore.
– Corrected the logic for AC power supply to the system 1 fuel pumps. Direct supply from GEN1 now depends on the GEN 1 LINE switch as it should.
– Corrected vertical guidance for LOWI RNP RWY08 approaches. (You have to make sure to be at flaps 2 when crossing WI750/WI810, the subsequent 3.77deg slope cannot be flown clean without accelerating)
– ILS tracking retuning in LOC and G/S
– BSCU failures now actually do something.
– Limited alternate braking pressure to 1000psi
– Fixes to the VOR cone of confusion model – you do not lose DME or identifier anymore
– Improvements to ILS auto tuning
– Standby DDRMI now uses the same datasource as the VOR/ADF needles on the ND.
– When performing a DIRTO with Radial In or Radial Out, the heading does not resync anymore upon insert, if already in Heading mode
– RNP departures from NZQN RW23 work now as they should.
– Reduced speed trend and vertical FD jitter occuring during high accelerations
– Fine tuned AP altitude tracking and capture
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3 Jahre zuvor

Mit dem X-Updater kann der A319 auch auf die Version 1.5.2 gebracht werden. Ein erneuter Download und eine Neuinstallation sind dabei nicht erforderlich.

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Das Tool Active Sky von HiFi Simulation war im Prepar3d das Must Have Addon schlechthin für Simmer, welches die Wetterdarstellung des Lockheed Simulator auf neue Level gebracht. Nach der überraschenden Ankündigung vom Wochenende ist das Tool nun auch für den Microsoft Flight Simulator verfügbar.
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