Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Hans Hartmann, Vater der CRJ, hat ein neues großes Update für den P3D Regional-Jet veröffentlicht. Das Service Pack 2 ist so groß und umfangreich, dass ihr euch den kompletten Installer der CRJ Pro neu herunterladen müsst. Eine Aktualisierung über den Aerosoft Updater ist nicht möglich. Das ein Update für die P3D Version, im Vorfeld des CRJ Releases für den MSFS, kommen sollte stand schon länger fest. 

Note: This represents the change log of the whole development process including issues that were fixed after the introduction of new features.

– Fixed FPLN page Flt No entry
– Fixed GPWS mode 4A conditions
– Fixed DIR INTC line on MFD
– Fixed ice detection and test
– Changed DC Service switch to OFF for all states 
– Added RWY UPDATE function to FMS
– Added cabin oxy masks manual release
– Extended entry for FL/TRANS on DEFAULTS page 2/4 to allow all combinations of FL and/or ALT
– IDG Reconnect now resets the IDG pushbutton position
– Glideslope diamond changed to blue if nav source is an FMS
– Removed Lufthansa limitation for FLT NO on 3L / 5R selection
– Fuel Pump Logic fixed
– Added multiple chimes on startup in P3D
– Fixed triple chime sound not playing
– Fixed GLD manual mode conditions
– Change (VECT) from HdgToMan to FixToMan
– Removed duplicate discontinuities
– Fixed MFD data extra fuel calculation
– Added (VECT) and disco when selecting VECTORS approach transition
– Fixed calibration window value display for throttle axis #2
– Improved mode switching from ALT/ALTS to VS/SPEED/VNAV modes
– Fixed flaps settings condition for TO/GA mode in MSFS
– No TCAS announcements right after takeoff
– VNAV profile calculation improved
– CLB/DES/IAS Hold improved
– DELETE now properly deletes FLT ID on FMS RADIO page
– DELETE now deletes ETD on FMS PERF INIT page 3/3
– Fixed distance, fuel and time calculation for new ALTN fpln
– FPLN page automatically switches to page 2 after entering a waypoint with LSK4R
– DISCOs can now be deleted with the DEL key
– Added a button to EFB Performance page which allows to re-initialize the calculation with current aircraft weights
– ADG propeller animation improved
– Fixed BTU not really off when selected OFF
– Fixed a condition where an (INTC) leg at the beginning of a procedure segment could result in a CTD
– Fixed a display problem for Crs to Fix legs on LEGS page
– Fixed an issue where VNAV would cut off after changing the flightplan
– Fixed a bug which caused auto trim to correct after takeoff for flaps settings made before takeoff
– ALTN airport is no longer automatically added to ALTN FPLN
– Flightplan files now contain waypoints for the alternate flightplan
– Fixed PFD low speed cue
– FMS Control no longer shows SELECT SYNC MASTER
– RTU now shows squawk code as default
– PACK FAULT no longer shows when bleed valves are set to closed
– Fixed DISCONTINUITY text color from green to white
– Fixed missing RW before runway ID on departure page
– Fixed fuel boost pump switches reset to OFF after cold&dark
– Reduced blinking speed of master warning and master caution lights
– Pack OFF Lights fixed to now only light when a) pressed in and b) no bleed air available and c) engines not starting
– Fixed a CTD in flight plan sequencing
– Removed L/R PACK FAULT EICAS messages when packs are off
– Fixed TO/TO conditions and PFD messages/flags
– Fixed entering first leg on FPLN page when ALTN airport is selected
– Fixed editing of ALTN LEGS page
– Fixed fuel, time and distance calculations for ALTN fpln
– PERF INIT ETA calculation now uses ETD on ground, if entered (current time, if not entered or airborne)
– Step button now pages through EICAS 2 pages
– GLD spoiler efficiency fixed
– APU startup condition from „Turnaround“ and „Ready for Engine Start“ states fixed
– Fixed CTD caused by flightplan drawing function
– PFD Throttle hint now also shows REV
– GLD manual mode implemented
– GLD doesn’t retract anymore when reverse thrust is set
– EFB Brightness re-enabled
– Enabled Stall Test while airborne (without stick pusher)
– Assigned TAIL WHEEL LOCK shortcut to Stab Disconnect (Shift+G)
– Finally fixed that stupid nose gear light for good! (Note that I didn’t use the F-word here!)
– Increased the acceleration for all FCP knobs
– FA „Takeoff Abort“ annunciation inhibitted below 45 kts ground speed
– Added Flight ID to FMS RADIO PAGE 2/2
– Incorrect distance calculation on (INTC) legs
– Added multiple-chime sound battery connect
– Fixed oxygen mask tests overwriting each other
– Refuel/Defuel Panel now fully operational
– Text size fixed on EFB Options page 3
– Parking Brake fixed
– Fuel temperature change fixed and rate increased
– FMS Arrival page headers
– FMS Departure page headers
– Oxy mask test knob press causes blinker to blink too now (for SOP compliance)
– FMS DIR INTC text colors
– Approach sort order on DEP/ARR page
– NWS no longer armed in Turnaround state
– IRS alignment fixed
– Several changes to ALTN LEGS page
– Mode S transponder indications for RTU
– Fixed POS INIT page 3 showing invalid coordinates if IRS is not aligned
– FMS Radio page now accepts NAV frequency input without „.“
– Added invalid TOGA symbology to PFD
– LSK2R on FPLN page now puts ALTN airport into empty scratchpad
– Fixed adding FLT NO to scratchpad
– Oxygen now depletes on oxygen mask test. Button to refill crew oxygen added to EFB maintenance page
– Crew oxygen supply is saved to registration-related configuration file
– Initial FMS page changed to STATUS
– Remaining IRS align time displayed on POS INIT page 3/3
– Added INTC CRS to MOD LEGS page
– Origin/Destination selection now properly clears selected SID/STAR/Appr etc.
– Approach and transition sequencing
– MFD window now shows the same fuel prediction as PERF INIT page 3
– Added ETE and ETA predictions on ground on PERF INIT page 3
– Implementation of LEGS ALTN page
– Added COM frequency entry without „.“ on FMS Radio page
– Added FMS CTL page SYNC/INDEP switching. Note that this is a dummy and doesn’t have influence the FMSes behavior
– Improved detection of passed ToD after flightplan change
– DIR INTC page switching to LEGS page after selection
– Navigraph DLLs updated
– Missing Fonts added

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