Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Verbessertes Flugverhalten und diverese Fixes: Airfoillabs haben ihre Version der King Air 350 geupdatet. Nach dem letzten Update im Herbst 2020 soll Version 1.5 das Add-On-Flugzeug nochmals filigraner machen. 

Version 1.5 (April 16th 2021)
New features:
  • New Quick Look system
  • ALT SELECT PANEL added in the A/P pop up window
  • The aircraft is less prone to over torque
  • Limited rudder pedals movements when the aircraft is at a stop or taxiing slow
  • Engine power slightly adjusted
  • The aircraft is less prone to over torque
  • Adjusted ground effect, aircraft won’t float so much during the flare
  • Added on/off commands for each and every two state switch in the aircraft for better hardware mapping, so far only toggle commands were supported
  • Bleed Fail Annunciators implemented
  • Fueling nozzle can be locked during refueling. Once full, it will disengage automatically
  • Updated tire forces to prevent excessive sliding while taxiing
  • A/P climb and descent tweaked
  • UI – added an option to set icon menu popup delay when mouse hover

Fixed Issues:

  • Surface Deice – when switched to single momentarily, surface de-ice is powered for 10s until the de-ice cycle completes
  • The Exit switches are now spring loaded to the neutral/middle position
  • The voltmeter is spring loaded from BAT to TRIPLE FED
  • Wipers park is spring loaded
  • W&B – fixed issue where passenger showed instead of cargo
  • Walking during flight disabled
  • Towing – issue which occurred during aircraft towing fixed
  • 3D model – sun visor fixed
  • Issues with Co-pilot callouts fixed
  • Inability to map external views to NUM keys fixed
  • Triple-fed bus 1V less when fed from the battery
  • EHSI now displays correct information from the FPL (GTN + G530 + FMS). EHSI will now show the correct waypoint and distance from FPL (works for all avionics options). EHSI will now display the FPL when in MAP mode (For FMS and G530 option)
  • Low fuel pressure annunciators fixed in crossfeed
  • Altimeter BARO adjusted, issue with high QNH setting fixed
  • Fixed issue with autopilot which caused AP to disconnects itself in turbulence too often
  • Fixed issues in performance calculation panels
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