Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Version 5.2 ist da: Lockheed Martin haben ein Update für ihren Flugsimulator veröffentlicht, das jetzt zum Download bereit steht. Mit der zweiten Version des Fünfers wurde vor allem die Lighting-Engine des Simulators verbessert – neben den Enhanced Atmospherics. Mit dem Release startet auch erfahrungsgemäß das Aktualisierungsrennen vieler Add-Ons. FSLabs warnen im eigenen Forum zum Beispiel schon, dass ihre Produkte in der neuen Version bis zu einem Update nicht funktionieren werden. Wie so oft soll es auch bei diesem Release reichen, den Client-Installer des Sims zu aktualisieren, so schreibt Lockheed Martin auf der eigenen Website.

Hier das Changelog von Lockheed in voller Länge:

Prepar3D Client

General Platform Updates

New Features

  • Added road lights setting to generate lights along roads.
  • Enhanced Atmospherics can now be used with legacy (non-volumetric) clouds.
  • Various graphics settings can now be changed while sim is running.
  • Particles can now be dynamically lit.
  • Added developer menu allowing for shader and texture reloads and viewing models.
  • Added terrain awareness post process effect.
  • Added orthogonal view support to camera system. Can be set in camera configuration and PDK.
  • Added default weather radar view and SDK sample.
  • Updated multiplayer communication to support UHF frequencies.
  • Added view angle support for facing particles.
  • Added support for the VRgineers XTAL VR headset.
  • Added support for the Varjo XR-3 VR headset.
  • Added CallbackMethod option to RecordAndPlayback.xml allowing for plugins to listen to individual property changes during playback.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved rendering system performance and stability.
  • Improved handling of VRAM over-allocation.
  • Various particle system performance optimizations.
  • Improved Enhanced Atmospherics performance and reduced memory usage.
  • Updated Enhanced Atmospherics lighting.
  • Improved Enhanced Atmospherics dawn/dusk appearance.
  • Improved Enhanced Atmospherics precipitation and lightning effects.
  • Fixed hole that would appear around user vehicle in clouds with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Improved cloud grid generation with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Improved cloud shadow appearance with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Fixed ghosting around user vehicle with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Fixed crash in VR that could sometimes occur when bringing up tool tip text.
  • Fixed crash that could sometimes occur when opening the eye tracking window.
  • Added DeviceDataFormats.xml file to configure X-Grip DirectInput data.
  • Fixed issue where vehicle stress was not respecting crash settings in the UI.
  • Optimized resource usage including VRAM usage in VR single pass mode.
  • Converted the Menu Bar, Context Menu, VR Menu, and Information Text (InfoGen) to HTML5.
  • Information Text and Message Text are now visible in VR.
  • Fixed issue where exposure values could become out of sync in VR.
  • Fixed jitter that could be seen in ISimObjects in multiplayer in some cases.
  • Updated ISimObject AI logic.
  • Added health to the Indago rotor system to prevent vehicle from flying when health points reach zero.
  • Added option to save current scenario when closing the application or when a driver hang occurs.
  • Fixed various memory leaks.
  • Fixed issue in SimDirector where flight segments would render incorrect start/end times when first loading a scenario.
  • Fixed issue where SimProp recordings would not correctly initialize motion variables when loading from a bookmark.
  • Optimized SimProp recording saving.
  • Added ReadableFrequency SimProp setting for recordings.
  • Uninstalling the application no longer generates configuration files used for default settings.
  • Fixed issue with dynamic lights displaying incorrectly in the right eye in VR in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where the scenario startup screen would sometimes show the wrong location after loading a scenario.
  • Fixed additional z-ordering issues with objects in Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Fixed issue where changing seasons in the startup screen would not account for daylight savings time changes.
  • Fixed issue where simulation fidelity could be limited to lower bounds when overriding SimGroup simulation rates.
  • Fixed issue where mixing PBR and non-PBR material scripts in models could cause visual issues in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where right clicking to bring up the context menu would sometimes cause the camera to rotate.
  • Scenario entities now initialize with correct airspeed if spawned in the air.
  • Fixed issue where ground speed was returned instead of airspeed for AI entities.
  • Units can now be set for airspeed and altitude in SimDirector.
  • Optimized GetCameraLookAtLLA function.
  • Improved bloom lighting effect.
  • Added “Base Scenario Only” save option to save current conditions without modifying underlying scenario.
  • Added min/max top down altitude values to camera definitions.
  • Vehicle label draw distances are now configurable.
  • Fixed ray trace calculation used for terrain and entity hit testing.
  • Effects are now included in the client installer.
  • Updated VR menu.
  • Updated sky brightness based on time of day.
  • Fixed issue where certain add-on scenery error messages would not be displayed on startup.
  • Added ADF MAGVAR simvar.
  • HookEventProcess now works with ISimObject implementations.
  • Updated OpenVR version.
  • Added directory and category support to the SimDirector white list file.
  • Unnamed catalog objects are now ignored by SimDirector by default. This can be changed in SimDirector settings.
  • Fixed issue where closing panels in VR would cause them to stay open in the main view.
  • Fixed issue where ISimObjects would not load in the location specified by their role in multiplayer scenarios.
  • Mouse rotation cursor now appears over correct undocked view and is confined within window bounds while in use.
  • Resetting multiplayer scenarios now returns to the lobby keeping all players connected to the session.
  • Fixed issue with panel windows sorting incorrectly with transparent objects in VR.
  • Updated airport lighting to be more visible at night and during low visibility conditions.
  • Improved dynamic lighting performance in VC and single pass VR.
  • Fixed issue where closing an undocked view containing docked panels would prevent these panels from being reopened.
  • Fixed bug preventing FS9 and BGL models from drawing correctly at some angles in Single Pass VR.
  • Fixed issue that caused texture mismatches between eyes in VR for non-ultra water and ground detail textures.
  • Improved performance of multiplayer and DIS voice playback.
  • Fixed issue where recording would not prompt when overwriting an existing file.
  • Volumetric fog is now always enabled with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Record and playback properties can now specify range of indices for recording.
  • Fixed issue preventing TriggerProperty events from being played back correctly from recordings in some cases.
  • Panel texture sizes can now be non-square and non-power of two.
  • IP address used for GPS data transmission is now saved between sessions.
  • Fixed issue where center of gravity was shown in the wrong location in the Fuel and Payload UI.
  • Fixed issue with flight recorder that could cause invalid interpolation of various data types.
  • Fixed issue that prevented airline name changes for AI over SimConnect from being propagated.
  • Updated default multiplayer COM frequency.
  • Fixed issue causing multiplayer server to rebroadcast ISimObject positions to owner.
  • Added option to only save base scenario excluding scenario-specific object/trigger states.
  • Fixed issue that could prevent aircraft from crossing taxiway bridges in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where Windows would detect microphone usage at startup.
  • Fixed issue where voice sound device settings would not be updated while in a multiplayer session.
  • Multiplayer now toggles landing gear up when spawning in the air.
  • Progressive taxiway lines now account for sloped airport elevation changes.
  • Fixed propeller sound on turboprops with CCW rotating propellers.
  • Improved GPS logic for calculating when to transition to the next waypoint.
  • Fixed issue where certain helipad surfaces would not pull to ground at sloped airports.
  • Fixed invalid LLA exception that could occur at the poles.
  • Fixed issue preventing SubscribeToFacilities call from returning all pertinent airports/facility data.

Fixes and Improvements (Professional Plus Only)

  • User objects can now be controlled over DIS.
  • Custom loadouts can now be applied to player objects in SimDirector.
  • Fixed issue where reading DIS markings would sometimes be invalid.
  • Fixed issue where DIS force was not being assigned to objects attached to the user or avatar.
  • Added ChangeUserObject option to DIS host settings.
  • Fixed DIS stability issues with certain variable sized packet PDUs.
  • Fixed endianness swap logic for DIS audio data.
  • DIS host ownship can now be enabled/disabled without disconnecting.
  • User object can now be driven through CIGI.
  • Fixed bounds check for supported weather layers in CIGI.
  • Added ResetScenario and disable weather CIGI options.
  • Added CIGI passive mode.
  • Removed “UserIsOwnship” and “HideOwnshipModel” CIGI options. This is now based off of user object and camera settings automatically.
  • Fixed issue where velocity would not be sent by host in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where IG would not set velocity unless dead reckoning was enabled.
  • Fixed various issues with CIGI dead reckoning.
  • Updated CIGI view camera definitions.
  • CIGI host now freezes entities when entering the UI.
  • Added CIGI option to disable view control on IG.
  • Updated CIGI documentation.
  • CIGI camera definitions can now be defined per View Type instead of internal vs. external.
  • CIGI host now rebroadcasts view control packets when an IG connects.
  • CIGI host can now send to more than one IP address and port.
  • Fixed issue where DIS entities would not heartbeat frozen state when first paused.
  • Fixed issue where DIS would continue to try to create entities that had previously failed.
  • Fixed issue where rapidly toggling DIS connection via key event would cause connection issues.
  • Updated default DIS heartbeat values.
  • Added new key events for DIS entity Start/Resume and Stop/Freeze.
  • DIS Start/Resume and Stop/Freeze PDUs now support real-world start/stop times.
  • Converted Mixed Reality (MR) portal help text to HTML5.
  • Portal rendering is now disabled outside of VR views.
  • The Start/Resume PDU now changes the simulation time of day.
  • Fixed default DIS Site/Application/Entity values.
  • Fixed logic error when checking DIS BroadcastNavAids setting.
  • Fixed several rendering issues with MR cameras.
  • Added DIS Create Entity, Remove Entity, and Set Data PDUs.
  • Added floating point validation for received packet values over DIS.
  • Improved DIS AI waypoint logic.
  • Fixed bug where certain DIS Signal PDU parameters were being as the wrong data type.
  • Various improvements to DIS radios including broadcast format selection, improved audio quality, and better packet handling.
  • Improved error messages when DIS fails to connect.
  • Default DIS intercom priority is now zero.
  • Fixed issue where invalid data could be returned from the GetScreenCoord PDK function is point was behind the camera.
  • Fixed issue where effect shading did not match lighting conditions.
  • Pursue, Combat Air Patrol, and Close Air Support AI behaviors can now target player objects.
  • DIS intercom and radio state is now displayed in Infogen.
  • Fixed issue preventing weapon positions from being properly serialized in multiplayer in some cases.
  • Fixed crash that could occur in multiplayer if weapon jettison and reset commands were sent at high frequencies.
  • Fixed issue where countermeasure trigger and reset could process in the same frame.
  • Added sim configuration entry to control max time of flight for weapons.
  • Fixed issue where DIS would not broadcast PDUs for visibility or activation SimObject state changes.
  • Fixed freeze logic for local DIS entities.

Prepar3D Content

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed typos in F-16 descriptions.
  • Updated textures for sand, dirt, and grass runways.
  • Updated textures for various terminal buildings.
  • Updated F-14 and flatbed vehicles to no longer appear to hover when on ground.

Prepar3D Scenery

Fixes and Improvements

  • Updates to KRND, KLOU, KSDF, KEDW, and VETZ.
  • Fixed several scenery and water issues in the northern arctic region, Senegal, Guatemala, Kauai, and Alaska.
  • Fixed issue with jetways not moving in some cases.
  • Fixed issues with SIDs displays of certain VORs.
  • Correct Tacan X/Y frequencies.

Prepar3D SDK

New Features

  • Effect system now supports visible angle lighting and dynamic lighting.
  • Added weather radar PDK sample.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated OpenGLTexture sample.
  • Added ChangeUserObject PDK function.
  • Added OpenUIPanel function to PDK allowing HTML and Scaleform panels to be opened by name.
  • Added additional time conversion functions to DIS service.
  • Added ortho extent get/set functions to PDK for orthogonal views.
  • Updated VisualFX tool with new lighting and emitter properties.
  • Add quad draw to CustomPDKObjects SDK sample.
  • Added support for SetHealth on registered subsystems on ISimObject implementations.
  • Added new flags to PDK for preview window and SimOperator staging objects.
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Rainer Hauke
Rainer Hauke
2 Jahre zuvor

Altes Prepar3D deinstalliert, neues installiert… geht und ich bin gleich mit der F16 vom Warngau nach Venedig geflogen… Einfach super und null Prolemo

2 Jahre zuvor
Antwort auf  Rainer Hauke

OrbX funktioniert auch und FSUIPC ebenfalls.

2 Jahre zuvor

Erst mal ist es wie immer, kein Gelaber, sondern ee erscheint wenn es da ist.

“Mit dem Release startet auch erfahrungsgemäß das Aktualisierungsrennen aller Add-

Das ist mit Verlaub Julis, Schmarren.

Es betrifft in der Regel nur FSL , die OrbX dll und die AS dll, sowie FSUIPC
Alles Andere lief auch sofort in der 5.1
Sachliche Ankündigung wäre sicherlich dienlicher. Jedenfalls habe ich noch NIE einen Marathon ALLER Addon gehabt.

Aber man gewöhnt sich dran, dass es in MSFS Zeiten nix andere gibt was betrachtenswert ist. Auch bei Addobs. In dem Sinne weiter gute Verrichtung. P3D wird es überleben und die User auch.

2 Jahre zuvor
Antwort auf  simmershome

Zack, schon haben wir wieder das Thema MSFS, obwohl es hier um P3D geht.
Übrigens finde ich auch, dass es ein Aktualisierungsrennen gibt, zB muss ich jetzt wieder auf das Update des F1 GTN650/750 warten.

2 Jahre zuvor
Antwort auf  Hörst

Das bekommst Du aber garantiert schnell, wenn es nicht schon so ist wie bei OrbX . Warten gibt es meistens woanders.?

2 Jahre zuvor
Antwort auf  Julius

Dank zurück


[…] sind nach P3D Updates nicht immer alle Addons sofort kompatibel. Sicher, manche funktionieren vom Start weg, manche […]

Flori-Wan Kenobi
Flori-Wan Kenobi
2 Jahre zuvor

EA mit 2D Wolken… dann läuft ja vielleicht bald ASCA

2 Jahre zuvor

Gibt es schon erste Erfahrungen, wie sich die Verbesserungen bei den Enhanced Atmospherics auswirken? Das war meiner Meinung nach bei 5.1 noch mit die größte Schwachstelle…

2 Jahre zuvor
Antwort auf  Thomas-NUE

An EA, der Grafik und den Effekten haben sie richtig geschraubt. Es gibt auch keinen Gries mehr um die Bäume.

Hier mal in EDOPcomment image

Könnte dich auch interessieren:

Kurz war die FSExpo in Gefahr, doch dann wurde eine neue Location in Las Vegas gefunden. Damit steht auch die Planung des mehrtägigen Events. Die FSA hat jetzt veröffentlicht, was es auf der FSExpo zu Erleben gibt - auf und neben dem Event.
"Hey Jungs, ich habe uns zum Deutschen Podcast Preis angemeldet! Wir brauchen jetzt 5 Minuten Highlights um die Jury zu Überzeugen." Mit diesen Worten begann eine WhatsApp von Julius an den Rest der Simulanten-Gang.  Ob wir die Jury überzeugen? Keine Ahnung. Wichtig ist, ob wir euch überzeugen können! Falls ja, dann stimmt doch beim Publikumspreis für uns ab, wäre mega.
Ein Team um die bekannte Szenerie-Entwicklerin FlyAgi arbeitet ja seit ein paar Monaten daran, diverse XP11-Szenerien auf neueste XP12-Standards anzupassen. Jetzt ist eine neue Szenerie dazugekommen. Newcastle kann jetzt auch in X-Plane 12 mit allen nativen Features genutzt werden.