Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Die Arbeit ruht niemals, schließlich naht der Release der Stable Version: Die Beta von X-Plane 12 hat ein neues Update bekommen. Version 14 behebt wieder diverse Problemchen und Fehlerchen: Und außerdem hat Austin Meyer wieder die Hauptrolle in neuem YouTube-Content eingenommen – aber auch ein Cirrus Tutorial wartet in einem extra Video.

Beta 14

  • XPD-13432 – Fix for washed out forests.
  • XPD-13433 – Possible cloud type/coverage bug.
  • XPD-13423 – Crash cancelling landing clearance under some circumstances.
  • XPD-13388 – Create Multi-Texture Allocate API.
  • XPD-13387 – Allocation Arenas for VRAM based on lifetime.
  • XPD-13367 – Filing a flightplan airborne while already controlled clears most status, potentially making it impossible to continue.
  • XPD-13087 – Flickering of shadows starting after a few minutes when using real weather – frequency dependent on camera movement speed.
  • XPD-13085 – Taxiways on some airports blocked by underpass object.
  • XPD-12793 – Cloud transfer buffer is repeatedly re-allocated.
  • XPD-12783 – Some residential roads have no streetlights at all.
  • XPD-13435 – Improve SSAO on terrain at altitude.
  • XPD-13422 – Tone down color temperature changes.
  • XPD-13418 – Remove more outdated Aerosoft custom airports.
  • XPD-13413 – Library: legacy OBJ-based trees are now deprecated.
  • XPD-13412 – For airports with no defined flows, autogen’d flows should be created for low-vis conditions where not all runways have ILS.
  • XPD-13410 – Approach altitude steps are transmitting before checking terrain avoidance resulting in unnecessary calls.
  • XPD-13397 – From Bug Report: A330 Airbus Interior Objects not “hi res” in Plane Maker.
  • XPD-13343 – SDK DataRef “sim/flightmodel/position/true_psi” contains negative values.
  • XPD-13090 – Unable to rotate elevator from dataref.
  • XPD-12993 – Tree shadow visibility too short and without fade in.
  • XPD-12258 – B737: Crazy flap fairings motion when it’s used as AI.
  • XPD-13407 – Further tuning of the Cirrus SF50 yaw damper system.
  • XPD-13399 – Service Ceiling was too low and affecting cleared altitudes.
  • XPD-13400 – Readback of “Approach Cancelled” message showed a phrase expansion code.
  • XPD-13358 – Saitek Pro Throttle Quadrant image on Windows is of poor quality.



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