Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

Eagle Dynamics hat ein neues Update für die Open Beta des Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) veröffentlicht. Mit dabei: Die Syrien-Karte von Ugra Media, die neue „Raven One“-Kampagne von Baltic Dragon für die F/A-18C und vieles mehr.

Das heutige DCS-Update ist nicht gerade klein, was seinen Inhalt angeht. Neben vielen neuen Funktionen für die zahlreichen Aircraft-Module, hat auch der Simulator selbst viele Verbesserungen erhalten. So ist nicht nur die DDR als neue Partei dazugekommen, sonder auch viele Waffen- und AI-Systeme wurden verbessert.

Die erste Erwähnung in Eagle Dynamics Changelog müsste aber den größten Speicherplatz im DCS einnehmen. Gestern hatten wir bereits über den Release berichtet, jetzt ist es verfügbar: Die Early Access-Version der Syria-Map von Ugra Media steht durch das Update bereit. Die Karte gibt es derzeit noch mit eine Early-Access-Rabatt von 20 Prozent bei Eagle Dynamics.

In den letzten Wochen waren auch erste Let’s-Play-Videos zu einer neuen Kampagne von Baltic Dragon erschienen. In Raven One können DCS-Pilotinnen- und Piloten mit der F/A-18C auf der Gulf Map die Story des gleichnamigen Buches von Kevin Miller nachfliegen. Mit dem neuen Update soll diese Kampagne auch bereit stehen. Neben einer Mi-8-Kampagne von Stone Sky.

Das komplette Update wird wie immer durch den DCS-Updater geladen und sollte in Kürze zur Verfügung stehen. Hier das gesammte Changelog, wie es Eagle Dynamics gerade veröffentlicht hat:

Introduced the new DCS: Syria Map by Ugra Media.

Introduced two new campaigns:

  • DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Сampaign by Baltic Dragon
  • DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Crew Part 1 Campaign by Stone Sky

DCS World

  • R-27 missiles family. Reduced the value of the induced drag, increased lift. Lift to drag ratio now is more accurate and provides better performance against maneuvering targets, compared to AIM-7 performance level.
  • R-77 missile. Reduced the value of the induced drag, reduced transonic zero-lift drag, increased the lift. Missile will better save energy, slightly increased range at low altitude.
  • AIM-7 missile. Adjusted autopilot to fix guidance inaccuracy.
  • DCS Scripting Engine. Shooting start/end events lack information on weapons – fixed.
  • DCS Scripting Engine. Most weapon class functions fail on torpedoes – fixed.
  • SA-6 Kub. Search-track radar still emits after the alarm state set to green – fixed.
  • Runway still damaged after repair for bombs craters just off the edge of the runway – fixed.
  • Dedicated Server. „Engage Air Weapons“ has reduced functionality on dedicated (norender) server – fixed.
  • MP. [LCtrl + F10] command allows the player to get position on map even in ‚Map only‘ mode – fixed.
  • The Schnellboot will evade a collision in a torpedo attack.
  • ME. Neutral static objects are not in the targets list, but can be selected by clicking on the object on the map – fixed.
  • Aircraft AI. Lead aircraft in tight turns can create physics problems for wingmen – fixed.
  • MiG-25. When a plane loses a wing, missiles stay in the air – fixed.
  • Air tankers with unsuitable refueling connectors for the player’s AC will not react to the player’s requests.
  • Projected runway lights turn off as soon as the nose wheel is down – fixed.
  • Implementing compressibility for pitot tube for Mach > 1 and turning it on for all planes.
  • Tail wheel tuned for all taildraggers.
  • GDR (East Germany) added as a country.
  • MP. Now when server creation, the first (not last) mission in the list will be selected.
  • Ships start a mission in motion even if they have set speed 0 in the mission – fixed.
  • ME. AI aircraft. Added checkbox “AI off” for ground start.
  • ME. It’s possible to set a task for aircraft AIs to attack friendlies – fixed.
  • ME. Improved auto naming of groups.
  • When choosing a missile on the F10 map and switching to the F6 view to this missile, another missile is shown – fixed.
  • MP. Cargo not synced correctly hangs in the sky after release, and can obstruct other helicopters in drop zones – fixed.
  • Sling loaded Cargo phantom not destroyed by destroy() function – fixed.
  • AI not using high drag MK 82 Snakeye below 1000ft – fixed.
  • Helicopter wingmen fall through the deck when landing on the ship – fixed.
  • Briefing window. Moving and scaling of large illustrations is adjusted.
  • F10 map units coordinates are out of panel – fixed.
  • ME. In advanced trigger options, if add an item by CLONE, then the content of the newly cloned item will not be saved – fixed.
  • ME. Added View menu item with ability to switch between Imperial and Metric units.
  • Added removing of precompiled shaders from previous version of dcs on Update.
  • Ground AI. The vehicles do not turn smoothly, but along a broken line – fixed.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW – Added 11 Quickstart missions for the Syria map.
  • Included Supercarrier versions for Syria Quickstart missions.
  • Added Quickstart Free Flight mission for the Channel map.
  • Fixed scripting error in Time Trial missions.
  • Updated AIM-54 countermeasure resistance probabilities.
  • Fixed MLC Auto not using actual antenna elevation above horizon.
  • Fixed keybindings not incrementing panel and gauge lights appropriately.
  • Fixed RIO annunciator light intensities.
  • Increased intensity of slime lights (= formation lights).
  • Corrected roughness of intake ramps.
  • Fixed broken normals on intake areas.
  • Fixed unwelded vertices on engine nacelle.
  • Fixed mismatch intake ramp color on default livery.
  • Fixed incorrectly assigned textures on exterior gear doors and right wing.
  • Fixed missing fuselage in cockpit view.
  • Re-added normal map on TCS pod.
  • Rudders will now detach with heavy damage.
  • Increased size of fuel tank hitboxes to more closely match real life sizes.
  • Adjusted damage model to be less “tanky” with direct missile hits.
  • Improved aerodynamic damage effects.


  • Sound missing for AI aircraft once airborne bug fix.


  • Fixed several typos in Russian cockpit.
  • Fixed the frontal glass canopy mesh so it does not look like it is raining inside it.
  • Small cockpit textures corrections.

China Asset Pack by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Added WingLoong-1 UAV AI for China, Pakistan, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria.
  • Added AKD-10 missile for WingLoong-1, more weapons will be added later.
  • Fixed HQ-7 LN no radar warning issue.

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Re-made 6 training missions (more will come later)
  • Added new ground crew voiceover
  • Added abs axis binding for:
    • UFCP and HUD Brt knobs
    • ACP COM1/2, TCN/ILS and MSL Vol knobs
    • Сockpit illumination and AAR light knobs
      • Note: dcs provides only 10 customized axis commands
  • Fixed: SMS page: max bomb quantity for selection (determined by load setting)
    • If more than 4 bombs mounted (i.e. 6), additional quantity 6 at OSB R5
    • If less or equal than 4 bombs, only show quantity 1, 2, 4 as before
  • Fixed: player must turn off all power supply to (un)install AAR probe.
  • Fixed: player must open canopy to update DTC.
  • Fixed thrust and wheel brakes axis command id (

    need to rebind your joystick!!!

  • Fixed UFCP_1 fallback viewport name.
  • Added g-suit tube operation in auto start/stop script.
  • Known issues:
    • ED just changed AG radar render code, we need time to figure out how to make our AG radar EXP modes work again.

DCS SA-342 by Polychop Simulations

  • Linked brightness of gun and mistral sight to weapons panel brightness rotator dial.
  • Added support for NS430 Module implementation.

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • Video ON/STB/OFF switch in clickable cockpit is now conforming to DCS standards
  • Fixed EB FD glideslope commands. It now commands correctly to follow ILS GS, independently of the speed of the aircraft
  • Fixed voice-over of Sea Eagle missile training mission
  • Fixed Sea Eagle missile training mission. Modified wingman task to be able to launch two missiles
  • Enabled engine fire in failures list
  • All failures repair works now. See extensive list below
  • Fixed damage and failures repair issues:
    • Now all EB engine-related failures are applied to C-101 (it was not the case previously)
    • All failures related to engine are now correctly repaired. Engine start is now possible after repair
    • Added repair of the following previously implemented avionics failures and unrecoverable states: landing lights burnout, landing gear lock override safety wire, cockpit depressurization, reset of landing gear emergency extension handles, gear/flaps stuck state due to overspeed, canopy fracturing (C-101CC only)
  • Landing gear lever is forced now to extend position at repair
  • Improved ITT indication (both needle and digits) when electrical power is cycled on/off
  • Adjusted engine N1 and N2 pointers movement speed when electrical power is switched on/off
  • Adjusted movement speed of voltmeter needle
  • Fixed brightness of rear cockpit AOA indexer
  • Fixed C-101EB takeoff mission. F-18 does not crash now
  • Added SCAR Light Test Button functionality
  • Fixed ERR light on SCAR Display Unit. It now blinks correctly and on both cockpits
  • Added RAAF Roulettes livery
  • Added “PITOT HEAT” caution light function
  • Added pitot heat failure in Mission Editor
  • Pitot heat korry light is now off when Mission Editor “pitot heat fail” occurs
  • Added “pitot heat fail” repair
  • Fixed logic of “pitot/static port blocked” failures in Mission Editor. Now those follow the same logic as the one of “pitot/static port blocked by ice” systems failure, i.e., it uses last known values of pressures, etc.
  • Implemented pitot heat equation. Now it affects only the ability to reengage pitot heat on ground after about 17-15 minutes (depending on TAT) since enabled. To reengage pitot heat, wait for a couple of minutes until it cools down. Such electrical condition is very rare though
  • Updated cockpit textures, including lighting
  • Adjusted effect of alpha and beta on the computed indicated airspeed
  • Fixed cockpit lighting of external model
  • Added input_profiles_repairer.exe and corresponding readme.txt. This exe allows to recover old C-101 input mapping saved previously to Open Beta update Already correct profiles are kept untouched. Disregard the repairer output file
  • Adjusted g-suit effectiveness factor (a wrong scale was being used)
  • Modified „crash“ button tooltip, added its activation condition for clarity
  • Updated brightness control for the following lights:
    • All cockpits: emergency pitch trim light, markers lights, ENG IGN light, CAWS panel lights, IFF test light, IFF reply light
    • EB: ARN-127 freq digits, ARC-134 freq digits, ARC-164 freq digits, HSI digits
    • CC: MPR light, telebriefing light, HSI/ADI digits
  • Korry buttons and other signal lights without integrated brightness control change now their brightness with instrument and consoles lights dimmers
  • Implemented landing gear red status lights (gear in transit)
  • Fixed ILS frequency typo in Persian Gulf instant action hard landing mission
  • Gear handle light brightness depends now on the instrument knob (dimmer) position
  • Fuel lights are set to off (white bars) when fuel measurement CB is pulled
  • CC HSI annunciator lights brightness is changed now with instrument knob (dimmer)
  • Adjusted initial instrument/consoles knobs (dimmers) settings

DCS P-47D Thunderbolt by ED

  • Cylinder temperature fixed
  • Gas temperature for turbine is constant regardless of magneto off or fuel cut-off – fixed
  • Aftercooler update
  • Changed position and cover’s texture of the guns. Fixed collision model
  • Oil system update
  • Fixed missing FFB shake
  • Added landing light driven shak
  • Reduced propellor disbalance effect magnitude

DCS Spitfire LF Mk.IX by ED

  • Fixed interconnected left and central wheels damage

DCS FW 190 A-8 by ED

  • Tuned the adjustable iron sight

DCS FW 190 D-9 by ED

  • Replaced sagged valve springs

DCS Bf 109 K-4 by ED

  • Added net sync for gun sight
  • Tune up of hydro hoses damages
  • Adjusted negative g oil cut out

DCS P-51D Mustang by ED

  • Oil pressure fixed

DCS A-10C Warthog by ED

  • Adjusted minimum value and curve for HUD-only and exported displays views brightness after bug: MFD’s are dark on view Alt+F1
  • CDU display brightness adjustment don’t work – fixed

DCS F-18C Hornet by ED

  • Added Doppler Beam Sharpened (DBS) EXP -1/2/3 modes
  • Radar locks air target in AG mode, but HUD target box stays in default or last known position – Fixed
  • ICLS is not stabilized. If ship rolls on waves ICLS bar swings together with deck – fixed
  • TACAN Data not showing on SA page top left – Fixed
  • Launch bar switch is down for player spawned on catapult – Fixed
  • JDAM indication is crossed out on the HUD when the JDAM is not aligned – Fixed
  • F-18C separate RWR indication is barely visible – Fixed
    • RWR screen is now rendered to a texture
    • RWR brightness is initialized according to the night/day condition (Sun angle at mission start)
    • Adjusted RWR symbology material alpha, as well as the visual appearance of the font (thickness)
  • Gun smoke is far too dense – Fixed
  • Forced „Unrestricted SATNAV“ option doesn’t work – Fixed
  • Laser CODE on SMS main page with Guns selected creating a conflict – Fixed
  • GBU-31(V)3/B Fuze Error – Fixed
  • AMRAAM midcourse guidance stops when the L&S is swapped with DT2 in LTWS – Fixed
  • Designation in NAV or AG modes stops AIR Attack Radar range and elevation changes – Fixed
  • Standby ADI turn rate indicator (adjusted turn rate needle) – Fixed
  • AIM-120 Quantity on HUD Incorrect with Mixed Types Onboard – Fixed
  • Autostart macros fixed with INS STD HDG Alignment – Fixed
  • INS GND alignment never finishes if GPS is not available – Fixed
  • INS alignment status display in HSI indicates 0.5 OK but INS alignment is not ready – Fixed
  • Aided INS (AINS) position mode – Fixed
  • Missing MPCD Display Controls
    • Contrast control was added to AMPCD
    • Also contrast control was implemented for L/R MDIs
  • Added yardstick to FLIR page
  • Added coordinate display for FLIR page
  • Added north arrow to FLIR
  • INS align display horizontal bar aligned – Fixed
  • Hot start IFA not aligned properly – Fixed
  • Hot start should have INS selector knob in IFA – Fixed
  • FCS page glitch (Appear only on first page activation) – Fixed
  • POS/ADC Caution Message is Missing – Fixed
  • INS DEGD Caution Message is Missing
  • Fuel overwrites WP name – Fixed
  • Comm 1 switches from AM to FM on its own – Fixed
  • Engine sound update (wip)
  • Major external sound update
  • Air-to-Air Target Range on Air-to-Ground HUD – Fixed
  • AG radar. Infantry can be detected – Fixed
  • AG radar. FRZ and SIL don’t function properly – Fixed
  • Maverick slaving after step- Fixed
  • AG radar. EXP render issues – Fixed
  • Toggle HUD Time Off with Landing Gear Down – Fixed

DCS F-16C Viper by ED

  • TGP Litening:
    • Added HOTAS Commands
    • Added Cursor Zero (CZ) Mode
    • Added Steerpoint Indication
    • Added HSD Steerpoint
    • Added Laser Range Indication
    • Added Laser Code Indication
    • Added Camera Pointing Azimuth
    • Added DCLT option
    • Added Time to Steerpoint Indication
    • Added AA mode
    • Added North Arrow
    • Added Coordinate Display
    • Added NAV Mode Slave
    • Added Meter Stick Value
    • Added Gray Scale
    • HUD CCRP indication doesn’t sync with on TGP selected target – Fixed
    • LASER guided bombs Time to impact on HUD & TGP – Fixed
    • TGP Slew changes Waypoint locations IN HSD – Fixed
    • TGP can show -10ft of altitude – Fixed
    • TGP CCRP selection drops empty waypoint coordinates to (X = 0, Z = 0)
  • HUD AOA Bracket top and bottom to wide – Fixed
  • Adjusted dim lights logic
  • CMDS „CHAFF FLARE“ message after takeoff – Fixed
  • FLIR crazy brightness parameters at night – Fixed
  • HSI Very dimmed at night – Fixed
  • Master light switch is not illuminated – Fixed
  • Countermeasures released below aircraft – Fixed
  • Add NOT SOI label to formats that can be assigned SOI: FCR/TGP Pages
  • Add Weapon Time To Impact (TTI)
  • Add Time to Steerpoint Needed
  • Add Israeli, Turkish Skins

DCS F-86F Sabre by ED

  • F-86F Direction indicator knob animation corrected

DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED

  • Su-25T Cockpit. Restored coloured glass. Corrected glass material. Added scratch texture on the canopy. Added rain drops on glass.
  • MiG-29 Cockpit. Restored countermeasures counter. Corrected the speed indicator. Added scratch texture on the canopy. Added some textures.
  • Su-25 Cockpit. Added scratch texture on the canopy. Added rain drops on glass. Corrected mirrors animation.
  • A-10A Cockpit. Added scratch texture on the canopy. Added rain drops on glass. Eliminated gaps on the back side of the cockpit.
  • MiG-29. The engine nozzle will open if the throttle is pulled back independently from the airspeed.
  • Su-25T. The TV screen is transparent in HUD only view – fixed.

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED

  • Eliminated gaps on some details of the cockpit

DCS UH-1H Huey by ED

  • Fix of left side gunner sound

DCS L-39 Albatros by ED

  • Gear indicator lamps don’t work after a cold start – fixed

DCS Supercarrier by ED

DCS: The Channel Map by ED

DCS WWII and Assets Pack

  • Schnellboot sometimes incorrectly attacks the target – fixed
  • Bofors 40mm erratic behaviour – tuned
  • Flak 41 ignore buildings/scenery and continue to fire without LOS – fixed
  • Tail wheel behavior tuned for all taildraggers

Voice chat

  • Users can create their own rooms
  • Crew intercom rooms autocreated now
  • Mission makers can create additional coalition rooms via scripts system


UH-1H Argo Campaign by 373vFS Greg:

  • Mission 1: Adjusted landing trigger conditions.
  • Mission 3: UH-60 Follow conditions adjusted.
  • Mission 4: Mission time/ Weather conditions adjusted.
  • Mission 6: Mortar group trigger conditions adjusted.
  • Mission 15: Apache start position adjusted/ Apaches shooting conditions adjusted.

The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600:

  • Updated skins of F-86F and MiG-15bis
  • Mission 13 (F-86) P-51 takes off into back of CH-47 Chinook : Fixed
  • Mission 6 (F-86) Typo in Situation Briefing: Fixed
  • Mission 8.3 (Both) Wingman doesn’t follow player : Fixed
  • Mission 15 (F-86) Triggers for enemy escort and IL-76 tripping out of order: Fixed

F-15C The Georgian War campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • M11: Adjusted AI pathing to prevent issues causing some flights to crash before the player is aware of them

F/A-18C Hornet – The Serpent’s Head 2 Campaign by Badger 633:

  • Mission 01: AI aircraft actions adjusted, now guns only, earlier loss of immunity, triggers more forgiving.
  • Mission 03: Fail state adjusted for unusual pilot routes, certain targets made more vulnerable, label enforcement removed.
  • Mission 05: Fuel correction made to easy A2A option; info added to brief regarding min SAM standoff distance.
  • Mission 06: Minor voice correction. Mission 07: Removed chocks note. Mission 08: Unusual responses JTAC corrected.
  • Mission 09: Aerial photo in brief corrected. Mission 10 Simple A2A version: Correction to an important vehicle late activation.

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign, F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign, P-51D The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign, Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Fine tuned triggers
  • Introduced interactive triggers
  • Added better user guidance
  • Campaign progression logic revised

UH-1H Worlds Apart – Spring 2025 Campaign by Low-Level-Heaven

  • Fixed path finding issues in Mission 7 and 8
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