Ihr liebt Flugsimulation.
Wir berichten darüber.

X-Plane 12 ist seit zwei Wochen als Beta in der Early Access Version erhältlich. Jetzt wurde Beta Nr. 4 ausgerollt, die eine Liste an Fehlern beheben soll – bekannte Bugs gibt es aber weiterhin. 

Die Übersichtsseite zu allen Releases listet Beta 4 als neueste, öffentliche X-Plane-Version. Folgende Fehler wurden ausgemerzt:

  • XPD-12423 Boat wakes should replay.
  • XPD-12513 Mismatched 3D water wake on replay.
  • XPD-12542 Many frequency changes upon vectoring to visual approach.
  • XPD-12628 Planemaker dialogs lag behind when dragged.
  • XPD-12794 UTL_art_asset and other classes delete resources under lock.
  • XPD-12825 Can get short silence at the end of some transmissions.
  • XPD-12826 Restored joystick axis label symbols.
  • XPD-12867 Crash checking in with area controller (after landing).
  • XPD-12868 Better carrier ops for old planes, too!
  • XPD-12871 When using the “show air traffic paths” option, altitudes are wrong.
  • XPD-12873 ATC should hold FMOD’s m_continuation_group during preparation for playback.
  • XPD-12875 Engine and transmission temperature model is incorrect and inconsistent.
  • XPD-12886 Don’t allow a FISO to provide “request heading” or “uncertain of position”.
  • XPD-12889 Background image in Planemaker stuck in zoom relative to geometry.
  • XPD-12898 Request Frequency Change had inverted logic.
  • XPD-12901 AI stuck in a loop missing final.
  • XPD-12904 Excessive approach revectors due to route checking.
  • XPD-12915 Crash on error exit in boat manager.
  • XPD-12923 Liberty Island lights fixed.
  • XPD-12925 Improvements to ground-ops window, always give feedback.
  • XPD-12931 Initial magenta NaN pain relief.
  • XPD-12945 VR system left handles in place after a window was popped out.
  • XPD-12947 San Francisco Landmarks update.
  • XPD-12949 A330 flaps not controllable by an analog joystick AXIS.
  • XPD-12952 Thread shutdown crash.
  • XPD-12953 Citation X FMC Causing Crash entering STAR.
  • XPD-12955 Crash after requesting taxi to stand from hold-short point.
  • XPD-12958 Have the taxi route stay on the actual route but still show the way back to it.
  • XPD-12966 AI can end up in the wrong state after an approach revector.
  • XPD-12976 Dynamic objects small update.
  • XPD-13001 Marked X-Plane 11 as an “old key” in X-Plane 12.

Es gibt allerdings auch noch bekannte Bugs, die in kommenden Beta-Releases angegangen werden:

  • Incomplete or missing features in Alpha/Early Access:
    • Master-external visual networking
    • New XPLM APIs
    • Airbus A330 FMC
  • In progress features:
    • Tuning lighting & fog
    • LIT textures
    • Performance
    • VR holodeck lighting
    • Far trees don’t look great
    • Better cloud shapes, especially cirrus
    • Performance tuning
  • XPD-11214 Plane Maker CG/Lights/Tanks Position Markers Not Visible.
  • XPD-12826 Joystick axis mapping symbols are missing.
  • XPD-12879 Wake turbulence broken for 3rd party integrations.

X-Plane 12 ist seit zwei Wochen als Early Access auf dem Markt – mittlerweile auch auf Steam und bei Aerosoft erhältlich. 

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